Android Free WIFI Calls by Vopium

Do you have an Android device?! Want free worldwide phone calls?! Go to Android Market and load Vopium for Android on your Android device to place free internet (WIFI / VOIP) calls, overseas, anywhere ...

Voipium for Android and 3G cellular network mobile data calling is available there in Android Market for a download, using this on your Android cell phone / device you can call any user in the world (its free only via WIFI to WIFI) on Skype VOIP, Gtalk users, other Vopium users for free - when they are online!

For making IM, chat, FaceBook, Twitter, international texting, calls to the phones which do not have VOPIUM mobile VOIP software, one can use their low calling rates,

Vopium currently also offers 15 minutes of trial free international calls for the fresh new users ...


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