Amazon Kindle 3 or Apple iPad: Sun Light Visibility? Who is better?

Amazon Kindle 3 or Apple iPad
Amazon Kindle 3 or Apple iPad

In a cool Advertisement / promo for its latest e Book reading device KINDLE 3 from Amazon (WIFI, 3G, 3rd generation), it is being promoted as, that Kindle 3 is better than an Apple iPad to read EBOOKS or for doing such things in a bright day light or Sun light on a sunny day,
Amazon for its Kindle says on a TV ad on Good Morning America, that they are better for at least two reasons,
1. They (Kindle 3) are cheaper than iPad and
2. Things can be done on Kindle 3 even in a bright Sunny day WITH NO GLARE (even with the dark goggles / sun glasses) and this may not be the case with an iPad when you need an outdoor reading : (
Amazon's latest ebook reading wireless handheld device Kindle 3 Ad is cool to compare itself with globally popular tablet PC from Apple the iPad,
Kindle 3 is a perfect handheld wireless gadget for a beach ride or for a pool reading in a hot wet Bikini : )
Kindle 3 lack colors but has an improve responsiveness, an updated e ink screen, a month long battery etc, which makes it bold enough and useful to take away the Apple's iPad!
Now You better decide, which holds for a better eye-candy or the value for you!

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