Accessory Transceiver: Turn iPod Touch into iPhone, for Making Calls

Accessory Transceiver: Turn iPod Touch into iPhone, for Making Calls
Accessory Transceiver: Turn iPod Touch into iPhone, for Making Calls
Apple Inc. has a patent pending application that could turn your Apple iPod Touch into a full fledge cell phone and you would be able to make phone calls on it like any iPhone or a cell phone,

Apple perhaps wants that its one of the most popular iGadget could develop the telephonic communication capabilities,

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Thus Apple application has a proposal for an Accessory Transceiver, for iPod Touch which could make capable to connect iPod Touch to two separate cellular networks at the same time to make voice calls like using a telephone,

Accessory Transceiver would be capable to connect with mobile device: it could be either a physical connection or a wireless connectivity,

This accessory transceiver could communicate with any device or a wireless network, and this accessory transceiver would have the capability to be configured with circuitry for a communication with a cell phone network, a WiMax network, a WiFi network, a satellite network,

In simple words / nutshell, the Accessory Transceiver would have the ability to connect to a device by the way of a direct connection or via wirelessly, than this accessory transceiver would gain the cell phone capability for the gadgets like an Apple iPod touch, (which right now lacks the ability to make phone calls other than but of FACETIME WIFI calling, only on iPod Touch 4),

But at this point Apple’s intentions are not clear, that whether if this patent is awarded to them, than still would they love to convert their iPod Touch into an iPhone too? Perhaps Steve Jobs may have a reply, for the time, keep your fingers crossed : )


Though recently Apple has introduced its latest Apple iPod Touch 4th generation with fast A4 processing chip, iOS4.1 which comes pre-embedded with its native app: FACETIME to make single tap WIFI to WIFI local, long distance, or overseas FREE unlimited VIDEO calls, in-between two iPod Touch 4 or in-between An iPod Touch 4 and iPhone 4 (but to work Facetime video calls with iPod Touch 4, the iPhone 4 should be upgraded with Apple’s latest Ios 4.1 as iPod Touch is not a phone / do not have SIM, so it will use Apple ID / contacts’ email ID to make calls like Skype do, and Ios 4.1 makes iPhone 4 enable to make Apple ID / email ID Facetime calling).

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