Students - Free Long Distance Calls in US & to Canada: Connect from School / Campus / Dorm / Library

Google Voice (GV), is a free phone calling service from Google, right now only available in USA, GV has put together the cool ways for the students community to get connected while they are in School / Campus / dorms / library etc to place free voice calls in USA and / to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska,

To the rest of the world, the students can call friends in another countries or the international students community can make cheap international calls to their home, using Google Voice or GAMIL VOIP calling,

With Google Voice students can set up a Free Google Voice (set it on your cell phone, Android {use voice actions for Android 2.2 Froyo}, Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian S-60, Apple iPhone, other cells, make the calls on go), lifetime number (only available in USA right now) which rings all the phones at once (like dorm phone / cell phone/ Gmail VOIP etc), this is a life time phone actual number and will stay with you forever even you change your mobile phone operator or forgot to pay your telephone bills : )

Google voice provides for voicemail transcription facility which can be used via an email during your classes, but the studies are first so be attentive to it, rather than texting, email, chat or call while the class is on : )

Google's GMail VoIP now permits anybody or students to make free calls (pc to any phone: cell or landline in the US and / to Canada using their laptop, internet notebooks, direct from your Gmail account, so no need to carry a cell phone, if you wish or if / when you forget your cell at some place or its battery is no more : )

Try! Students always seek and should be eligible for the best freebies available in the world, Cheers!

Android Free WIFI Calls by Vopium

Do you have an Android device?! Want free worldwide phone calls?! Go to Android Market and load Vopium for Android on your Android device to place free internet (WIFI / VOIP) calls, overseas, anywhere ...

Voipium for Android and 3G cellular network mobile data calling is available there in Android Market for a download, using this on your Android cell phone / device you can call any user in the world (its free only via WIFI to WIFI) on Skype VOIP, Gtalk users, other Vopium users for free - when they are online!

For making IM, chat, FaceBook, Twitter, international texting, calls to the phones which do not have VOPIUM mobile VOIP software, one can use their low calling rates,

Vopium currently also offers 15 minutes of trial free international calls for the fresh new users ...


UAE: FaceTime! Oh, Come-on! Why You Need it?

Finally Apple’s iPhone 4 landed in Gulf, Middle Eastern nations: UAE, QATAR, EGYPT, JORDN, YEMEN and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia etc. but wait was fruitless of the people in this region and a BIG joke who did waited for it for couple of months as iPhone 4 lands in the land without the FACETIME video call functionality, so why to buy this expensive Apple mobile phone now? What holds well if Apple iPhone 4 has no mood to make wireless one tap, face to face video calls via FACETIME?!

Carriers who brought officially Apple iPhone 4 in UAE: DU and Etisalat says that they are unknown why Apple do this for Gulf region and Apple is silent : ( consumer is being fooled? who is paying full money for a product which do not promises its full value to him?!

The iPhone 4 which has brought from other countries or gray market has the Face time free unlimited video calls and is working fine in UAE etc,

Than why the official iPhone 4 is paralyzed of the FACETIME? No reasons, no answers, just wild guesses like: strict VOIP regulations in the mid east region, Islamic regulations to use mobile video camera, or may be a glitch in Apple hardware / software here, etc, (though Facetime still working here on iPhone 4 which are brought in-UAE from other Nations),

… it seems, the Apple Inc. ‘officially’ do not want any hassles of its most coveted product iPhone 4 as a live streaming videophone, thus it by-passed FACETIME in UAE, KSA, Vodafone QATAR, Gulf region?!

UAE, KSA, EGYPT, China, India etc are among the nations where many foreign internet and mobile giants like Google, VOIP Skype, RIM-BlackBery encryption-servers issue, PayPal etc feels uncomfortable to work with local governments etc, as we know, the governments here try to regulate such giants in the name of security issues, on their own tunes : (that’s why perhaps Apple do not want to indulge its iPhone 4 in any controversy in these hassled regions)?!

There are reports that when you try to upgrade your iPhone 4 (ios 4) in UAE etc with localised version of iOS 4.1 THAN YOU MAY LOST FACETIME, so be careful while doing this,

TIP… do not agree (Etisalat) terms, if you always need Facetime with Etisalat > do not make any click / agree on the in-coming massages > “new settings from currier” > just CANCEL > if you clicked on ‘OK’ button, the FACETIME option will blow away!.

One more tip, least but not the last, if anything may not work, you may try your hands on the latest Apple iPod Touch 4th generation (it already has iOS 4.1 so no need to upgrade) comes with dual camera, it too holds FACETIME free video wireless calling, and I hope it will work : )

Lost and Stolen iPad - GPS Tracked by iPod Touch and Mobile Me (Real Story)

Lost and Stolen iPad - GPS Tracked
Lost and Stolen iPad - GPS Tracked 
This is a real life, real incident that how a man lost his Apple iPad on an US (Sacramento) airport and later successfully tracked it down (from 3000 miles away) and also got it back, using MOBILEME a GPS LOCATION tracking cloud based functionality on his iPod Touch which comes to track down (trace / found) the lost, stolen or misplaced Apple iPad and iPhone,

With MobileMe GPS tracking app for iPad, iPhone even you can delete or erase your important data (REMOTE WIPE) from any distance (remotely) which could prevent you, if anyone want to ploy with your important data ... this is Apple's wonder remote  wireless tracking technology !

Skype Access: Free WIFI HotSpots

Skype the global leader of VOIP is giving away for free its SKYPE ACCESS, a WIFI hotspot service from Skype which enables users to surf the internet (access internet) all around the world using little Skype credit, and without a worry to pay extra using credit cards etc.,
Skype Access will be free from 0001 GMT - Saturday 25 September 2010 to 2359 GMT - Sunday September 26,
When it is Skype, there is perhaps NO reasons to celebrate the weekends with freebies?! ... and we are puzzled fruitlessly to find out the reasons behind this free promo : )
Use unlimited free and access the net via free Skype Access, make unlimited free Skype-to-Skype voice / video VOIP calls at more than 2,00,000 WiFi hotspots all around the world: cafés, hotels, airport lounges etc ...

FaceTime Malta: iPhone 4 Free Video Calls (WIFI)

Vodafone had launched the Apple iPhone 4 (Ios 4) in Malta (Europe), and now Malta (Malta means HONEY, according to Wikipedia), people can use unlimited free  WIFI (wireless) video calling FACETIME over iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, iPhone 4 to iPod Touch 4G, anywhere in the world,

Apple is launching its most coveted Apple iPhone 4 to all of the world countries, like Japan, China, UAE, QATAR, Malaysia … Israel, Philippines, India, Turkey etc are in the row and any day can see the launch of Apple iPhone 4 and its amazing FaceTime video calling …

From UAE, FaceTime or Not? You Choose, Not Apple, DU or Etisalat!

UAE: Newly launched Apple iPhone 4 in Middle East and Gulf countries started hitting the malls and stores in UAE,

DU and Etisalat are the official Apple iPhone 4 carrier partners in the Gulf nation of UAE, but the problem is that, iPhone 4 when you buy this from the official channel lacks FACE TIME wireless (WIFI) video call functionality,

But luckily if you got this Apple mobile from the unofficial routes like grey market or from foreign country than that version holds the FACETIME capability,

Apple seems not in a mood to provide FACETIME to MENA (Middle East and North Africa) nations,

So you better can decide that if you need Free unlimited, FaceTime video calls (local or international on WIFI) than which Apple iPhone 4 you should go for: an official iPhone 4 from DU / Etisalat or an un-official 'imported' iPhone 4?!


Apple, your FaceTime one tap video calls really are great, thank you : )

Facetime Malaysia: iPhone4 (Maxis, DiGi) Video Call

Apple’s Free WIFI Mobile Video Calls:

Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4 with retina display) has grounded and had been launched in Malaysia by DiGi Telecommunications Bhd and MAXIS Bhd now, iPhone 4 is on of the most prized gadget from Apple Inc. today and others of its worldwide famous products are: iPad, iPod Touch 4th generation …

FaceTime WIFI unlimited free video calls (national or overseas) between two iPhone 4 or between two iPod Touch 4g or between an iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4g is one of the most wanted core and native app on Apple iPhone 4 and also now on iPod Touch 4g which comes pre-embedded by Apple,

…But Apple has made disappointed to many in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) nations by NOT providing the FACETIME video calls over the iPhone 4, perhaps due to very strict regulations and controls on VOIP calls in these regions like: UAE, QATAR, YEMEN, JORDAN, EGYPT, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA etc,

But people in these MENA nations still can use Face Time video calls if they have bought an Apple iPhone 4 not from their official carrier or have bring it or import it from USA etc : ) than it works, our reader in these countries mentioned this to us,

… anyways, we congratulate Malaysian people and wish they could start early and go ahead with FaceTime mobile video calls (DiGi, Maxis), anywhere from Malaysia, have fun, have a FaceTime : )

Photo Morph - Blending on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

There are a few nice apps in Apple iTunes Store which could help you in photos, pictures, images like you can blend, morph or intermix two photos into one and single photo having properties of both of the photos,
It works a bit like as a child fetches the genes or properties of both of his Father and Mother : ) and is the 'produce' or the mixture his Mom and Dad, both : ) this is called as Morphing (to get understand in layman language)
Play with photos, pictures, images on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch by using apps which do morphing, they are:
Blend / morph any number of faces in one, creativity goes wild with this 0.99 $ app, change your face into your opposite sex, change hairstyles, colors etc, or morph yourself into a cat or lion, lots of cool fun is here ...
This USD 1.99 app, automatically blends the faces, means blends / intermixes two photographs into one and only one, ... morph yourself a bit with smile of Monalisa or Einstein, morph / mix yours snap with yours grand-ma and watch how it looks than : ) , mix yourself with your spouse photo and watch your 'future kids’ photo : )
A whole new world of colorful creativity and imagination will revolve around your head, which could turn you into a joker : )

VOIP or VOPI: How are they different?

Do you know VOIP and VOPI are two different terms with a different concept and not merely the typo or a misspelling!

VOIP simply is VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL, which uses data packets to transmit the voice over the internet / broadband / IP or WIFI etc

VOPI: Voice over Private Internet, it is the base of Broad-Connect and deploys VoIP technology in the managed setting …

The core difference in-between is the use of a public and private data network in VOIP and VOPI

Smart WIFI: Saves BlackBerry & Android Battery Drain

Y5 is 'smart' enough to understand when to turn on the WIFI on your Android device and when to turn it off,

Bluetooth, GPS (global positioning system) and WIFI are the things who can eat or drain out the battery power of your mobile devices, if they remained open for the time being or in ignorance, it is always good to turn off the WIFI / GPS on your BlackBerry or Android mobile devices when you are not using them,

But it could always be a forgetful action sometimes to turn off / disable, the WIFI on your RIM BlackBerry or Android devices,

For Android Devices:

Y5 for Android battery power saver is a cool FREE app to save the battery of any Android device, Y5 has a smart WIFI sensing to locate your location via GSM wireless towers using cellular signals, Y5 automatically turn on the WIFI near your trusted hotspots, and Y5 again automatically switches off the WIFI function when you are not near any WIFI hotspot, or it is a non trusted hotspot,

What you need to do is, just turn on the WIFI for the very first time when you are near a WIFI trusted hotspot, or while installing the Y5 app on your Android mobile, if your WIFI is in open mode than Y5 will add your current on-network to its accepted networks list, its a SMART WIFI hotspot tracker which saves the battery drain, when you do not need a WIFI working,

For RIM BlackBerry Wireless Handheld Mobiles:

Such a similar SMART WIFI toggles the WIFI hotspots and this BlackBerry battery power saver app also comes for all RIM's (Research in Motion) wireless supported handheld mobile sets but it is not free and comes for USD 4.99


No FaceTime on Apple iPhone 4, in Saudi Arab, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, UAE?

Apple is all set to launch its most coveted iPhone 4 (iOS 4) into middle east countries (S. Arab, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, UAE), its most prized gadget as it holds the one tap video calling Apple’s native embedded functionality FACETIME which promises unlimited free wifi video calls from anywhere to anywhere in the world,

People are already using iPhone 4 FACETIME video calls from UAE / Dubai / Gulf / AbuDhabi ... Apple iPhone 4 is officially still not there but guys are using them buying from grey market route (FaceTime even works from India to USA, where it has not been launched as of yet, it works from an airplane and also in deep Pacific ocean) or which they have been gifted or had brought from US or another countries,

FaceTime works fine over an unofficial Apple iPhone 4 (like with a DU micro SIM), we have some confirmed readers’ reports,

That is why there is a strong rumour that Apple will launch its Apple iPhone 4 without FACETIME videophone calling native app, as perhaps local telecom operators object for FACETIME on Apple iPhone 4 as it may cause a loss of revenue to them and perhaps in the name of security of their country : (

VOIP calling like Skype etc is banned in few of these countries, than how could Apple iPhone 4 WIFI calling would survive there is the million dollar question,

... may be Apple is going parallel in-line with religious Islamic reasons? When a religion or any Government tries to override the technological evolution and try to converge it or toe it according to their own terms, people may lost the best what they deserve and perhaps Apple Inc. do not want to fall-in, in any controversies of its prized product FACETIME video calling, in the Gulf / Middle East region?!

Anyway, wait for the great launch of Apple iPhone 4 in middle east nations and look there, if FACETIME surfaces or not, if yes, all is good, if not, there are still the authentic ways to make 2-way VIDEO CALLS over iPhone 4 (iOS 4), until it holds two cameras... stay tuned with Apple and with us : )


View Private Tweets, MySpace Profile, FaceBook Albums, PhotoBucket Albums Free, How To?!

Ever had you thought or tried your best to view private Twitter Tweets, MySpace profiles, FaceBook Albums Albums, PhotoBucket Albums etc and these all for free,

Well, View More Pix promises to do this for you and it says it could lead you to view the private Twitter Tweets, MySpace Profiles, FaceBook Albums, PhotoBucket Albums … and all,

But the string is that this comes with an annoying advertisement, you have to fill their offer first to get this all for free (perhaps), I have to give it up, I can not fill that annoying ad for my time : ( you may try though …

Radar (Track-Find Flight) AR App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch in Real Time using ADS-B

Here is an Augmented Reality (AR) app using which on your Apple iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch or iPad you can track / find a flight passing through in a location, in nearly real time (lags behind 30 seconds), it works like a Radar screen maps on your Apple iGadgets screen : )

This ADS-B flight finder app for Google Android / Apple iPhone is now marked as a potential security threat by US security agencies,

In short, the Augmented Reality or AR is the latest innovative technology in mobiles, when you point your mobile phone camera towards any location, object etc, this displays related web pages / it comes visible in 3D,

What you have to do is, just point your Apple gadget's camera towards a plane and voila, you will have the info relating the flight number, aircraft registration, speed & altitude etc of the airplane also how far away (distance) it is flying etc,

The plane finder technology works is based on a service: 'Plane Finder', this tracks air planes or flights using ADS-B - they are the signals, transmitted by a commercial plane, with their data etc, (ADS-B technology still is not used by many US airliners),

Use of this Augmented Reality (AR) app on the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch could be fun and give you all the desired information at the same time in REAL TIME.


Volkswagen Audio Ad in Print Newspaper, How It is Possible?

Labnol had run a story that depicts the emergence of an innovation in technology blended or we can rather say it is a fusion & perfect harmony with the advancements in the advertising world,

Volkswagen had run / embedded its audio / talking ad for its entry level Sedan Vento car, in an Indian newspaper The Times of India (TOI, print edition, not online one), looks crazy how it could be possible?

It was Indian Rs 5 Crore ad campaign which run in two newspapers across several metros in India, twenty two lakh (2.2 million) chips were used to run this TALKING NEWSPAPER, one time campaign in India, which was unique of its kind anywhere in the world, report says that it was world's first Talking Newspaper campaign for Volkswagen Sedan Vento!

Oh, no its not the VOIP or voice over internet protocol, we are talking of an audio advert in purely offline print media,

Yep! it’s very possible … Tuesday morning was cool for TOI readers when they were sipping their morning cup of tea with the crispy news paper … they got amazed to listen the audio advertisement at the last page for Volkswagen in Times of India, print edition!

But an Indian airport's employees were little scared when some unclaimed newspaper copies started to 'talk' about Volkswagen, they were having no idea what is going on : )

Perhaps this is the very first time in India at least when people actually listened an advert rather than watching it in a PAPER print media : )

It was a bit annoying too for someone whose morning peace got 'disturbed' a bit by the unwanted voice, they never were expecting : )

... Technological convergence had started evolving now in our daily lives too…

Thanks Amit @labnol and Suhel Banerjee for breaking this lovely story which is going viral now : )

Mind At Work: Volkswagen Ad - Talks For Itself

How Israel Got its Name on Twitter

This is really interesting to know how did the @Israel got its Twitter micro-blogging official account 'back' from a guy name: Israel Melendez!

Read this cool story on NYT about Israel's official Twitter account ... after reading this you will certainly go for your Twitter account, if you do not have one, Twitter, Facebook etc the social virtual networks – online are how changing the real world : )

Congratulations Israel!

Cheap Internet Calls by Nokia Mobile: Starts 1c a Minute: PC, Net Not Required

Fring is a popular and trusted VOIP mobile phones client, comes from Israel, which when downloaded to a smart cell phone (Symbian, Nokia, Android, Windows, Apple iPhone etc) for free, than it gives the facility to make free unlimited overseas audio / video mobile calls over 3G or WIFI networks (FRING to FRING) ...

... or you may call ultra cheap (virtually free) overseas calls using FRINGOUT from your any SMART existing mobile and SIM card to any phone in the world (landline, mobile or even a Non Fring one) by using FRINGOUT rates, there is no need to go for a PC or internet connection, just your cell phone with FringOut package and call the world on the go, like you make cheap VOIP calls using SkypeOut or using Rebtel,

FringOut is providing from Nokia cell phones its low cost worldwide calling, which starts only 1c a minute to many countries,

FringOut later will come for the Android and Apple iPhone too, these seems to be a convenience international calling at go from mobile phones with ultra cheap worldwide rates,

This is the VOIP or internet calling over the Nokia smart mobile phones thus is cheap and do not requires a laptop, pc or an internet connectivity etc at all,

The VOIP companies are facing a stiff competition by lowering the lowest rates and by providing more and more facilities to lure the new bunch of customers,

Skype still leads the VOIP global calling and its unlimited FREE international video calling from computer to computer is really marvellous which deletes the physical distances,

Fring too is a brand name in mobile VOIP calling and mobile social networking but recently Fring and Skype have got in a tussle, unfortunately which is bad for the VOIP consumers, but this happens between BIG companies, perhaps to retain the supremacy?!

FaceBook Phone - FacePhone? When it would hit the Market?!

TechCrunch has an interesting piece of news ('rumour') today, they revealed the liklihood of a cell phone / (or a software for FaceBook's own mobile phone) by FACEBOOK the global social networking community is on its way : )

Reportedly the FaceBook is secretly working on its cell phone project, but they deny this : ( (Like Google denied its Nexus One when it initiated its project ... )

Is Facebook is lying? or they just want to make it still a VERY secret project and is playing merely the jugglery of the words? Why the Facebook PR has to react 'instantly' / denied / giving an explanation, on media reports rather than to choose a 'silent mode'?!

...But this 'secret' is not more a secret, it is rather a 'leak' as TechCrunch had exposed it to the viral world of internet : ) and sooner or later FaceBook Phone will hit the market, this is what we believe too ... what do you think readers??

FaceBook - FacePhone with INQ over AT&T and also for Europe ...

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How to FaceTime VOIP Call from UAE / Dubai / KSA / EGYPT / QATAR / YEMEN / JORDAN for Free?

While going through the Khaleej Times online news, that Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4) {… and Apple iPod Touch 4 with Facetime too is available everywhere via online buying from Apple Stores or Amazon} is finally, landing in the UAE (Dubai) Gulf region, officially with Etisalat (Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, which is popularly known as etisalat) on September 25, 2010, so I was thinking of FACETIME (FT) free video calling over WIFI,

Would Facetime VOIP (WIFI) calls work from UAE / Dubai (Gulf) as the VOIP cheap or free calls like Skype are banned from UAE!

Though people of UAE might already have tried Facetime international free WIFI video calling from unlocked iPhone 4, but we have to see whether Facetime IP calls / internet calls over WIFI now will work or not?

Facetime is the native WIFI video calling app (which comes pre embedded) in-between 2 iPhone 4s or iPod Touch 4 or in-between both of the two gadgets (iOS 4.1), using iPod Touch 4 one can dial free video calls using contacts email ID or Apple ID (like we make Skype call without actual phone numbers from Skype to Skype),

FaceTime video calls are free from anywhere to anywhere and they are wireless or WIFI-only calls right now, which use internet bandwidth, no 3G or cellular calls are permitted over Facetime right now, but they are coming later : ) as Steve Jobs promised us : )

So if FACETIME international free WIFI call works from UAE to the overseas world, than it would be great as UAE people can not use Skype or such VOIP things, many nations bans VOIP calls due to loss of revenue to their native telecom operators,

FaceTime is capable to connect seamlessly two iPhone 4 / iPod Touch 4 irrespective of country or distance unless they are forcefully blocked by any telecom operator or any country government,

This YouTube video clip describes FaceTime video call in Dubai (UAE), it works in the video, but I can not confirm the authenticity of this FaceTime call video in UAE, but it seems to be quiet genuine!

Go to Settings > Phone (Facetime) > switch it on > If waits for an activation > Restart the iPhone 4 just by holding down the home and the power button simultaneously > when the phone restarts > Facetime should work no onwards,

Now try local FaceTime and also check whether International FaceTime works from UAE?

You also can activate FaceTime free video calls the Du network, by inserting a Du microSIM into Apple iPhone 4 and than turn on the FaceTime in Settings > Phone,

Write your experience on this blog on comment section for the benefit of others, if this works, share this post with all, good luck : )

UPDATE: Sep 22, 2010:

Various sources are indicating that there will be NO FACETIME video calling functionality on the Apple iPhone 4 when it hits the Saudi Arabia, Middle East: UAE / KSA / EGYPT / QATAR / YEMEN / JORDAN (view MENA iPhone pages)

We can not confirm at this point of time, whether this is a rumor which is going viral now or the game plan in-between Apple and Mid East telecom operators to block and another VOIP / WIFI calling FaceTime like they did for Skype and many other VOIPs in that region,

May be it is a mistake by Apple Inc. which removes FACETIME pictures from mid east Apple web sites, but do Apple do any mistakes?!

... or there are Islamic reasons behind a NON Facetime iPhone 4 in mid east nations?

If FaceTime is not coming on iPhone 4, it could be a useless & expensive Apple TOY, why to buy it? than perhaps people in the Middle East will flock towards the unofficial grey market channel to buy a FaceTime studded Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4), and perhaps it will work there, FaceTime works from ANYWHERE, until it is specifically & intentionally being blocked by the local telcos, or they would always have the choice to import FaceTime: iPhone 4 or even iPod 4th Generation (which have FaceTime video call now) from other countries of the world : )

Who can stop the ongoing booming global-social economy and the worldwide telecom revolution?!

Ok, even you HAVE TO buy a NON-FACETIME Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4), still you can add free FACE-TO-FACE video calling to your iPhone 4, and can make unlimited video calls to ANY SMART MOBILE in the world over 3G or WIFI with, their VOIP calling app for smart mobiles and for iPhone 4 allows to make 2-way video calls from iPhone 4 to any phone (unlike Apple iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 - only) and via 3G or WIFI (unlike apple's WIFI-only), try if this works from VOIP blocked nations? and let us know ... good luck!

Accessory Transceiver: Turn iPod Touch into iPhone, for Making Calls

Accessory Transceiver: Turn iPod Touch into iPhone, for Making Calls
Accessory Transceiver: Turn iPod Touch into iPhone, for Making Calls
Apple Inc. has a patent pending application that could turn your Apple iPod Touch into a full fledge cell phone and you would be able to make phone calls on it like any iPhone or a cell phone,

Apple perhaps wants that its one of the most popular iGadget could develop the telephonic communication capabilities,

Image Courtesy:
Thus Apple application has a proposal for an Accessory Transceiver, for iPod Touch which could make capable to connect iPod Touch to two separate cellular networks at the same time to make voice calls like using a telephone,

Accessory Transceiver would be capable to connect with mobile device: it could be either a physical connection or a wireless connectivity,

This accessory transceiver could communicate with any device or a wireless network, and this accessory transceiver would have the capability to be configured with circuitry for a communication with a cell phone network, a WiMax network, a WiFi network, a satellite network,

In simple words / nutshell, the Accessory Transceiver would have the ability to connect to a device by the way of a direct connection or via wirelessly, than this accessory transceiver would gain the cell phone capability for the gadgets like an Apple iPod touch, (which right now lacks the ability to make phone calls other than but of FACETIME WIFI calling, only on iPod Touch 4),

But at this point Apple’s intentions are not clear, that whether if this patent is awarded to them, than still would they love to convert their iPod Touch into an iPhone too? Perhaps Steve Jobs may have a reply, for the time, keep your fingers crossed : )


Though recently Apple has introduced its latest Apple iPod Touch 4th generation with fast A4 processing chip, iOS4.1 which comes pre-embedded with its native app: FACETIME to make single tap WIFI to WIFI local, long distance, or overseas FREE unlimited VIDEO calls, in-between two iPod Touch 4 or in-between An iPod Touch 4 and iPhone 4 (but to work Facetime video calls with iPod Touch 4, the iPhone 4 should be upgraded with Apple’s latest Ios 4.1 as iPod Touch is not a phone / do not have SIM, so it will use Apple ID / contacts’ email ID to make calls like Skype do, and Ios 4.1 makes iPhone 4 enable to make Apple ID / email ID Facetime calling).

3D Face Motion Effect App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

3D Face Motion Effect App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
3D Face Motion Effect App for iPhone, iPad, iPod 
Face effects - 3D Photo motion app for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad is a neat cool FREE application to play 3D photo / image fun on the Apple handheld devices,

Download this app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (iOS 3.0 or later) and start a 3D fun with your finger, with 3D face motion effect app you can make fabulous 3D motion effects to a picture just with a touch of the finger, which could be any like: Bump, Wobble, Ripple, Swirl etc,

You can use your already saved snaps or can shoot fresh photos from your camera to make them enable with 3D fun effects ...

If you love this post, Tweet, FaceBook, Digg, Blog, Bookmark, Subscribe by Email, Share, Email it, we will present you more cool tech things, stay tuned : )

Face Fun - FaceTime App for iPad - iPhone - iPod Touch

Face Fun, FaceTime App
Face Fun, FaceTime App
There is no dearth of fun when you use Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch along with hundreds of thousands of apps available in Apple iTunes store, some are paid, many are free and they create a fun world when get loaded on Apple gadgets,

FACETIME is the native WIFI free video calling app (around the world) from Apple which comes natively & pre-loaded in its latest Apple iPhone 4 and also now in Apple iPod Touch 4, one can make a lots of fun with FaceTime WIFI free videocalls in-between any iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4, or in-between both (with iOS 4.1 or later as iOS 4.1 gives the facility to make a call using Apple ID or email ID, as iPod Touch is not a cell phone so Facetime free calls could be dialled with your contacts' email ID / Apple ID ) anywhere in the world using a WIFI hotspot (or a MIFI connectivity and can create a private virtual hotspot),

There are many apps available in iTunes Store to make fun with face morphing, and the Face Fun app is a real time liquid image convertor, and it turns any picture into a digital liquid, melting on the screen of iPhone / iPhone 3G / iPod Touch / iPad, it creates real fun and this app comes for USD 0.99,

... with Face Fun digital image morphing you can virtually play with any image to warp, stretch, smear, move, smudge, squeeze, wobble, shake, melt, cartoon, magnify, deform, jiggle etc or distort it in any way all fun in real time on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, you do not need to be an expert in graphics or photo shop, paint brush etc,

... Crop, zoom, move, zoom in/out image are supported, also the portrait and landscape modes are supported … have fun, stay tuned for more fun things, they are just coming …

Yahoo Messenger 11 - Mobile Video Call - WIFI & 3G

Yahoo Messenger 11 for Mobile and Web (VOIP) Video Calling over WIFI and 3G cellular networks

Mobile Video Chat is always luring for the young ones as well as for old genies : )

Yahoo messenger for free video calling
Yahoo Messenger 11 's unlimited free local, long distance or international video calls using Skype to Skype is the eighth wonder of the world,

Similarly provides for smart mobile video calling using WIFI or a 3G network,

Apple Inc. introduced unlimited FREE WIFI video calls FACETIME anywhere in the world between two iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 or in-between an iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4, when the Apple’s iPad will have dual camera with front facing camera and with FaceTime capability you may also call in-between an iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 and the Facetime capable iPad (which is expected to hit the US before the Christmas of 2010),

The latest entrant into the VOIP, WIF, 3G video calling scene is now YAHOO!, they will soon bring their Yahoo Messenger 11 and will introduce the mobile phone video calling on the go : ) like Fring / Apple,

Yahoo’s cell phone video calling will work over a WIFI or 3G network, thus WIFI to WIFI Yahoo video calls all over the world will be free as they will use internet data and thus makes the call free!

PC mag reports that Yahoo is working on its ambitious video calling project to introduce the mobile video call conferencing / video voice chat to Android devices / Apple iPhone, just like FaceTime Free video WIFI calls by Apple,

Yahoo Messenger 11 for Mobile service will run over either 3G or Wi-Fi, Yahoo Inc. already has demonstrated its video call capability / technology Yahoo over the Android phone - EVO 3G to a Webcam equipped laptop,

… But to be more clear, we the users would be allowed to make the cell to cell phone video and voice calls over WIFI or 3G,

As soon as Yahoo's Messenger 11 download will roll out, its video calling technology will come along over it, this is what the world could expect of Yahoo guys!

Yahoo MESSENGER 11 will also provide for the VOIP video web calls like Skype, Gmail, AOL etc, over the PC,

Yahoo Inc. also has the plans to roll out the PSTN calling, to provide cheap phone calls to its users to call landline or mobile phones,

Yahoo Messenger 11 users could publish the status messages to social networks like FaceBook, Yahoo Pulse, Twitter simultaneously and could play popular social gaming Zynga and may chat Facebook friends using desktop version of the newest Yahoo Messenger 11, when it hits the virtual world!

A wait for YAHOO messenger 11 could be worth as it will bring some fun and smile on your lips...


By the way do you know that Yahoo means:

"Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle."

How Skype got its: ‘'SKYPE'’ ?

Morph Voice App for iPad - iPhone – iPod Touch (OS 3.1 or later)

Voice changing (spoofing) or morphing your voice on phone could be a fun way to entertain yours using your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch,

There are numerous apps available in Apple iTunes store and FUN VOICE MORPHING by tap tap tap is a cool$1.99 app in the entertainment category,

With Fun voice morphing you can change your voice into a CHIPMUNK, a futuristic CYBORG, or a super slow TURTLE … or into a sweet guitar… in 17 all different ways, as they say : )

You also can record / save your favourite recordings and than can share them on the Facebook, Twitter, via email etc for your friends and family …

Face-Morph Ageing App for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch (iOs 4 or Later)

Age My Face free app for iOS
Age My Face free app 

No! its not the WIFI Facetime free calls from Apple, its an app For Apple iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 (fourth generation) {iOS 4 or later iGadgets} here is an interesting fun entertainment free app in Apple iTunes store, AGE MY FACE, using Age My Face free app you can view how would you look when you would be old and an aged person,
Do not feel shy, aging is a process from the nature which is uni-directional and everybody has to go-through this process only once in his lifetime, it would be fun to watch yourself as an aged guy on Apple iPhone / iPod Touch for free,
Age My Face free Apple app contains 8 all different masks to be chosen, many skin tone and colors, you can even pre-set the opacity of the facial masks to add or subtract years of your life age!
This free ageing application for your apple gadgets can morph you into an old person from young one or the vice versa, you will ride on the Time-Machine to watch yourself in the future, its a cool fun face morphing app, do not be scary,
We are waiting to listen your experience, cheers : ) will you do?


Gmail (VOIP) to Phone Calling: Tips & Tricks

Gmail (VOIP) to Phone Calling: Tips & Tricks
Gmail (VOIP) to Phone Calling: Tips & Tricks

Google's email client the GMAIL is now VOIP call enabled and you can make a PC to phone calls using your Gmail  account right from your laptop / desktop / PC to actual phones, landlines or cell phones,

The Gmail VOIP calls to US / Canada are free till the end of the year 2010 (sorry but to make an overseas call you have to pay a bit if the call terminates to a non-US phone number), may be the free calls to US / Canada would be extended after 2010 too, time will tell,

Well, the Google Voice Blog has some neat tips and tricks to make the Gmail to phone VOIP calling more useful and eventful experience, like you may want to learn how to:

Make Call Screening:

If you are unsure to pick a phone call, don’t hit “Answer” / “Ignore” button when a call came in Gmail, just click to the “Screen” button, than that caller will go to your voicemail there you could listen to him while they leave a message for you, to take that that call, click on “Join” any time to connect to him!

Switch the calls in-between Gmail & other phones:

Learn to how to make the rightful use of the asterisk (*) on your Gmail dial pad....

Record an incoming call session:

Learn to make the rightful use of the button '4' with your Gmail dial pad to record an incoming voice call session,

Click to dial with Chrome Extension:

Learn to deal with Google Voice extension for Google Chrome this simply permits to click on a phone number on any website / email > and it makes sure to dial the phone number...

Gmail to Google Voice Free Phone Call from AirPlane to US / Canada

Now Google's email platform the GMAIL has a phone calls facility and one can dial free GMAIL to phone calls in USA / Canada (its not pc to pc, like Skype, but its pc to phone for free to US, Canada phones) and to the rest of the world, and cheap international calls could always be made using Gmail email client,

But how if you would be able to make a GMAIL voice call over an airplane on-board, flying high in the blue sky?! Its amazing! Yes you can do this,

See how this happened in a Delta flight with GoGo's inflight internet access, a Call from Gmail feature, worked wonder during the flight / on the board on an airplane : ) using the Google talk plugin,

No tricks involved, its simple, just you need a seat in the airplane, a headset, your Gmail account, and GoGo internet pass etc to dial 100% free calls from and airplane to US / Canada landline phones,


Skype VOIP: Call for free to South Africa Landlines

OpenWeb FREE call beta service is providing free phone calls to South Africa landlines and other 66 countries too (via SIP: session initiation protocol), its PC to phone calling and its not PC to PC Skype calling,

So call directly from your Skype on your PC to any landline in South Africa, or other 66 countries,

You should be an OpenWeb customer with an OPENWEB ADSL account, this is the only thing you need...

Amazon Kindle 3 or Apple iPad: Sun Light Visibility? Who is better?

Amazon Kindle 3 or Apple iPad
Amazon Kindle 3 or Apple iPad

In a cool Advertisement / promo for its latest e Book reading device KINDLE 3 from Amazon (WIFI, 3G, 3rd generation), it is being promoted as, that Kindle 3 is better than an Apple iPad to read EBOOKS or for doing such things in a bright day light or Sun light on a sunny day,
Amazon for its Kindle says on a TV ad on Good Morning America, that they are better for at least two reasons,
1. They (Kindle 3) are cheaper than iPad and
2. Things can be done on Kindle 3 even in a bright Sunny day WITH NO GLARE (even with the dark goggles / sun glasses) and this may not be the case with an iPad when you need an outdoor reading : (
Amazon's latest ebook reading wireless handheld device Kindle 3 Ad is cool to compare itself with globally popular tablet PC from Apple the iPad,
Kindle 3 is a perfect handheld wireless gadget for a beach ride or for a pool reading in a hot wet Bikini : )
Kindle 3 lack colors but has an improve responsiveness, an updated e ink screen, a month long battery etc, which makes it bold enough and useful to take away the Apple's iPad!
Now You better decide, which holds for a better eye-candy or the value for you!

Explore - 9/11 in AR: Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch App

An app to explore - 9/11 in augmented reality
Explore - 9/11 in AR

Explore 9/11 - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, a free app by National September 11 Memorial Museum is now hitting the Apple iTunes Store for a download on Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS 3.1 and later), it is 39.4 MB and depicts the timeline, visuals etc of the 9/11, a deep sentimental and touching affair for all of us, the humanity and for Americans in-particular!

This apple app helps to learn & watch the 'history' which was happened on that dreaded date in New York, which is now known as 9/11, around the World Trade Center (WTC),

The goodness of the technology is that now you can watch the pictures in 3D with Augmented Reality (AR) mode that overlays the snap shots in the camera view, these all historic images were compiled by the National September 11 Memorial Museum by by WTC / Ground Zero survivors & witnesses through ,

This amazing sentimental app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch is optimized to operate in the offline mode too, specially for the use of a Non-US visitors, who do not have or have disabled their data roaming,


Augmented Reality is the latest wonder technology for mobiles and gadgets, which works on Picture Recognition technique, just point / shoot your camera phone towards an object, and it will display and explore the related web pages for that object or scene like you might be using the Google Goggles etc,

Watch and be a part of the historic memories and the moments of Horror and Valor in your palm

Win an Apple iPhone 4 - Retina Display - iOS 4

Free Apple iPhone 4 give away, win it now : )

Melbourne Leader is having a contest in which 4 Apple iPhone 4 will be given away each week for the coming next four weeks, nothing to do but to write a simple few lines to grab the cool Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4 with retina eye display),

Take a chance, win an Apple, and make free and unlimited Facetime Video phone Calls over WIFI to the world, Enjoy, Good Luck!

VOIP & FaceTime for iPod Touch 4 (Apple)

Apple’s latest wonder gizmo the iPod Touch 4TH GENERATION is out in the town and now hitting the shelves, the crazy buyers and Apple’s fans around the world are flocking towards the Apple Stores in US and buying it via online stores, Amazon, or 20North (in India)

The product, iPod Touch 4 seems to be a wonderful gadget, it has some latest innovations like dual camera (including front facing camera) to make free WIFI video calls with other iPod 4 and iPhone 4 at single tap of the button, nothing to download or buy, its FACETIME the wonder video calling technology from Apple Inc. which is an open source tech …

iPod Touch 4 also introduces for the very first time, the Game Center, as Steve Jobs has the dreams to make Apple iPod Touch 4 the best wireless mobile gaming console in the world, better than Nintendo DS, GameBoy or Sony PSP etc,

iPod Touch 4 too can do multitasking like its predecessors iPad, iPhone 4 etc, it has the ability to make the VOIP (WIFI) calls which could run in background while doing other multi-tasks,

We know iPod Touch 4 is not a mobile phone, thus it will lack a SIM card than how would it work as a phone for making calls?

Well, for making FACETIME calling between iOS 4 and iOs 4.1 gadgets, iPod Touch 4th generation will use of your Apple ID / email ID (just like you are used to make a Skype to Skype calls using your email ID or Skype ID), just tap your contacts email ID from your list who also have the iPod Touch 4 or iPhone 4 and connect over WIFI to make unlimited worldwide free crystal clear voice and video calls,

FaceTime is the native in-built app from Apple which comes pre-installed in every iPhone 4 (IOS 4) and iPod Touch 4 (Ios 4.1),

You can also make cheap worldwide VOIP calls using iPod Touch 4 (use it as a phone) like iPhone 4…

Andy Abramson explains how to make VOIP calling over the latest and newest Apple iPod Touch 4 using many apps available in iTunes store which are free to paid ones,

To make the VOIP calls on new iPod Touch fourth generation, the first thing is that you will need a WIFI network as iPod Touch 4 is still not a cell phone thus lacks a SIM or 3G cellular network connectivity, so you may use a MIFI or the wireless broadband routers to create a personal secured virtual hotspot and can connect many devices over your virtual private WIFI intelligent network, you can use Novatel MIFi, Verizon’s, T-Mobile etc!

Andy Abramson (VOIP Watch) updates that the iPod Touch 4 speaker works good with Skype, Truphone and Bria VOIP apps thus latest Apple iPod Touch 4 is as good as a cell phone / iPhone 4 without any long-term contract (contract free) with AT&T etc for making VOIP calls : )


WIFI to WIFI calls are always free from any phone or gadget, from anywhere to anywhere in this world, as this is the data calling over internet, thus use your newest iPod Touch 4th generation to make WIFI to WIFI free VOIP calls, just make sure that your WIFI data plan is an unlimited one so you may not loose your funds on the excess of WIFI data plan.

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