Vonage-FaceBook Free VOIP App: Anywhere, Everywhere Free Calls

Vonage Mobile App for Facebook: Make free calls (talk free) from your cell phone to your worldwide Facebook friends (FaceBook, the online social network is a free IP calling network now),

The first thing, Vonage is primarily for USA, Canada and UK that is why this free call app will work from USA mobiles, but for internationals it will work too if you will download this app only from Apple iTunes store (download link is at the end of this post) / Android Market, not from Vonage website,

To use this free calls app you never need to be a Vonage subscriber or customer,

Vonage has released its free MOBILE VOIP calling apps (for iOS: Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (coming), Android OS devices; RIM Blackberry is not here as of yet) to make free and unlimited calls to your Facebook friends all over the world, app is free and free to download, and also its free to make free international VOIP calls to your all Facebook friends,

FaceBook is one of the most popular online social network these days like Twitter, and many Americans break their day by logging-in their personal Facebook accounts when they awake in the morning rather than jogging : )

... anyways you have nothing to buy or spend to make these free VOIP call conference with Vonage to your Facebook worldwide contacts, just download this Vonage app on your Apple iPhone, iPad (App is just coming for Apple iPad and also it will come later for Symbian OS mobile phones), iPod Touch, Android mobile etc and ask your friends to do the same to start making free VOIP calls,

You both-end users should of-course have a separate Facebook account too : ) + this Vonage Facebook app on their respective mobile handsets, to get connected for free and enjoying an unlimited stream of free VOIP voice chat sessions with the Facebook pals....

About the Vonage Mobile Facebook App:

Unlike Skype VOIP you don’t need to sign-in for an account, but just login to your Facebook a/c using this app on your cellular phone!

The good thing is that this Vonage VOIP mobile app automatically pulls the list of your Facebook pals and also shows their status (online or offline),

This Facebook-Vonage VOIP mobile app do not need to have iOS 4 on iPhone 4 thus it works over iPhone which are not iPhone 4 or/and iPod Touch, iPad too, this is iOS 4 tested thus will work over iPhone 4 too,

The app works in background too thus you may be working on your mobile something else and the app is not open than too you can receive your incoming calls by Facebook pals,

Facebook friends do not need your phone number they can just click and call from your online status on the mobile app,

This VOIP app works over all the 3G, 4G and WIFI, and if you want to save your mobile minutes you are free to close the 3G/4G option,

Vonage - Facebook calling app works for overseas calling to on 3G / 4G / WIFI, thus no international calling fees / data roaming charges applies if you make a call using WIFI networks this never uses your expensive cellular minutes, you always want to save for,

When / if you do not have an UNLIMITED 3G/4G data plan / Wi-Fi subscription, than surely check with your mobile carrier, as charges may apply,

In foreign land or when travel abroad use the local 3G network, and be sure to have an international data roaming plan from your carrier to avoid excessive roaming charges, or preferably use the WIFI calling to cut the hefty international roaming, you know WIFI to WIFI is always free globally or locally, as WIFI calling works over VOIP,

For international roaming if you don't have a WIFI network than you may use a mobile wireless router or MIFI device to create a personal WIFI network for you and than you can use it for free VOIP calls, internet surfing etc,

... currently there is no call block option in this app, thus 'stranger friend' on Facebook too may call you, but perhaps Vonage will take notice of this and will provide a way for it too : )

You can download the Facebook Mobile VOIP application from Vonage, from Apple iTune stores (good for international or non US guys) or directly from Vonage website (good for US persons)…

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