Symbian^3-Nokia N8-Free VOIP Call

Place Free mobile VOIP overseas or local video calls using Fring on your Symbian^3 Nokia N8 cell phone with Fring:

By Talkfree7: Mobile VOIP is gaining roots worldwide nowadays, and is the Israel based popular start-up which specializes in mobile social networking like Twitter etc, on go using smart handset cell phones,

Fring also develops apps (applications) to be used on ‘smart’ mobile handsets like on these mobile operating systems (OS): Android, Symbian, Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, and FACE TO FACE video calling app for iPhone 4 (ios 4) which provides free video calls over 3G (FYI: though Apple' native embedded FACETIME on iPhone 4 provides video calling only over WIFI networks but with Fring iPhone 4 video calls could be made over 3G or 4G cellular networks too),

Now the latest app from Fring team is a mobile VOIP app for the Nokia N8, which is a Symbian^3 latest HD video handset from Finnish mobile giant THE NOKIA!

Nokia N8 is claimed to be the VERY FIRST Symbian^3 mobile phone handset in the world : )

… and this is WIFI, wonder mobile gadget has in-built HD video calling capability with two cameras censors: front and back 12 megapixels, and xenon flash, it also has handwriting recognition for Chinese language, Ovi, music, web TV etc.

The Symbian^3 OS also has multitasking capability so many apps like VOIP etc can run in the background too on this Nokia N8 like Apple’s iPhone 4 (with Ios 4 ) Nokia N8 also has the finger touch support to enable the text input & UI control,

Well, with Nokia N8 and Fring mobile video calling app (free) you can make the free voice calls using a 3G or WIFI networks, its easy, its free, its useful,


Symbian^3-Nokia N8 becomes great with Fring mobile free video calling app!

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