Skype-to-Go Free Credit Giveaway

After a long period of time the worldwide VOIP or internet telephony leader Skype has a free credit giveaway promo, is a P2P (peer-to-peer) IP service and is very popular among international students, foreigners, households etc for its branded unlimited free international Skype-to-Skype calls,

You might have used, heard or know about 'SKYPE TO GO', a service from Skype, in this one can use Skype on the move / go by any phone yes any phone using landline or mobile at the same normal rates, but this Skype service is available only/from the select nations, not worldwide,

Skype to Go ensures an easy way to use VOIP cheap overseas calling using mobile or landline phones, so its about the ease of access, money saving and reliability,

Skype is giving away free USD 5 (or equivalent in your currency in Skype account) credit to your Skype account if / when you use Skype to Go service and set up a free Skype To Go number (its free to set), the only thing is that you have to use/initiate Skype to Go this weekend (14-15 August, 2010) and Skype will email (by September 6, 2010), you the voucher worth US$5 USD of Skype Credit,

We are sorry, if we are making you in a hurry at the eleventh hour, but as Skype broke this news, we posted it for you too : )

We are sorry again but the existing Skype to Go customers are not eligible to take the advantage of this free USD 5 Skype credit,

This free Skype to Go free credit offer is coming at the time when Skype is going public by its 100 million IPO, which is one of the biggest ever deal by any tech company.

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