RIM-BlackBerry: VOIP Free WIFI Call

RIM-BlackBerry and Free Wireless VoIP Calling

A VOIP app has been surfaced to be used on Research in Motion – Blackberry (OS 4.2 to 5.0) to make the WIFI calling,

A native mobile VOIP app for Blackberry is in much demand since the time but was not available perhaps, that’s why the TRING ME Blackberry mobile VOIP app claims here to be the very first third party WIFI app for RIM Blackberry,

The famous VOIP brands like the Truphone.com, Skype.com and Fring.com etc still supports iPone (iOS), Windows, Symbian or Android etc,

In the year 2009, a thin global VOIP Skype-Lite client for Blackberry was launched but that app uses the mobile data connection + local air-time minutes or the cellular network like (Verizon’s), and do not use the Skype’s system or WIFI to make calls,

TringMe (an Indian start-up) mobile VOIP app for Blackberry works over WIFI and do not consume your costly cellular minutes, and also allows single-click global voice call conferencing,

Voice calls over VOIP (WIFI) can be placed, and you do not have worry for your mobile minutes for voice calling, and yes if you do not have the WIFI network than TringMe has the local access numbers and also the call-back options to make the call, many cool features for enterprise VOIPs too like direct connectivity to enterprise PBXs,

Last but not least that voice calling in-between the TringMe users is always FREE but only over WIFI, (a thumb rule for making VOIP calls: WIFI to WIFI calls are always free local, national or international as they are transmitted over the internet)…

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