iPhone 4-FaceTime Buddy Finder, Free and International

Apple iPhone 4 is said to be the latest smart mobile revolution with retina display technology and FACETIME: an unlimited FREE WIFI video calling on go from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4,

Even Facetime FREE IP calling works from an airplane in the sky, from deep pacific ocean in the blues, it works from anywhere to anywhere where there is a WIFI network and in-between two iPhone 4s,

What to do when you have both: the Apple iPhone 4 and a WIFI network, but you do not have any buddies to make a FACETIME free VOIP video chat or conversation session,

Here comes the VISUALFRIEND which helps you to find a suitable buddy to make FREE FACETIME (one tap easy) video call session from around the world,

FYI: Facetime calling over WIFI to WIFI is always free from anywhere to anywhere (like Skype to Skype free VOIP calls), as it uses VOIP protocol and do not consume your expensive cellular minutes, you can even make unlimited free overseas or international video calls over WIFI Facetime with Apple iPhone 4 (Ios 4),

If you want to make free AUDIO WIFI calls just turn to any other app on iPhone 4 and the FACETIME still will work in background with audio only calls (as iPhone 4 have Ios 4 which supports background VOIP and multitasking on handset),

Here is a friendly suggestion, Use the VISUALFRIEND with strangers cautiously as it may lead to 'bad' as many 'very bad' or s*x related adult sites etc are now switching to Facetime video calling too, as its free, its crystal clear in its video etc, tread with caution,

VISUALFRIEND for iPhone 4 is free to use and no charges are there, just a one time free registration,

Hey claims themselves to be the world’s first iPhone 4 community, social online networking is going an amazing wireless video ways now, enjoy the video chat rooms now...

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