IP-PBX-Skype Connect 1.0 (ex-Skype SIP): Business, Corporate & Enterprise VOIP

Skype Connect
Skype Connect
Skype the VOIP world leader has a new and latest innovation for corporate, business and enterprise markets, its Skype Connect 1.0 (IP-PBX) which was earlier known as Skype SIP,

Using Skype connect, the organizations / businesses / enterprises users can easily add, communicate, sync and integrate Skype VOIP voice calling system with their IP enabled PBX system and Unified communications (UC) easily, users can receive free Skype to Skype VOIP calls too,

Skype is the VOIP world leader and despite this fact it too has some competition too with bandwidth.com and Cisco etc too who owes IP-PBX too,

Using Skype’s interface its users are free to make the VOIP calling from a button on the web, the incoming calls are free, but the outbound calls will be billed at standard Skype rates...

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