Free Mobile VOIP Video Call at an Air Plane, via Fring

Call for free, a video call using Fring VOIP from an airplane on the go!

It seems that the innovation has no dearth in the world of rapidly evolving, mobile, VOIP & telephony technologies!

We had already seen that how to make a free, unlimited and borderless mobile video calls from a plane using Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4) FACETIME one tap video calling functionality, we also know how make Skype VOIP calling from American airlines plane with GOGO...

Now this is FRING of Israel, a social mobile telephony, IM, VOIP (MOBILE) provider to the world,

Fring has some nicest software to be used on smart cell phone platforms: Nokia, Symbian, Windows, Android, iOS, Apple iPad etc

Fring software provides for an unlimited and free video or audio call conversation (FRING to FRING like SKYPE TO SKYPE), it also provides for a 2 way video calling on Apple iPhone, the IP call quality is nice and works seamlessly : )

Fring mVOIP works on both 3G and a WIFI network, it works from anywhere to anywhere, its free (FRING to FRING or WIFI to WIFI),

FRING has a demo for its smart mobile VOIP video calling from an airplane on the go on a Delta flight from Miami to New York (10,000+ feet), it works, see how…it could be mind blowing, so fasten your seat belts first, than ride on the cloud nine, its cool : )

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