Free Magictalk-IP Call to US, Canada via BlackBerry, Android, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, Mobile

MagicTalk Free VOIP Calls to US / Canada using BlackBerry, Android, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, Mobile:

MagicJack is a popular VOIP plug-in to make free VOIP calls to the US, now the company behind the MagicJack, “VocalTec Communications Ltd.” is bringing a software, MAGICTALK-USB to place unlimited free VOIP calls to US / Canada’s landline and cell phones, using Apple iPad, Mac, smart phones, iPads, RIM-Blackberry, Android devices etc,

Though there already exists numerous VOIP / IP services like Skype, Fring, Rebtel etc which provides the free VOIP calling to various destinations or worldwide but generally to their own networks, and also many programs are there to place a free call between computer to computer like Skype,

But there are really only few VOIP solutions which actually permits to make free calls to a landline or a cell phone,

Like, in the USA, Google’s - Google Voice permits unlimited free calling but this GV also consumes the cell phone minutes when / if you use a mobile to make call,

MagicTalk tries to short come all this and wish to provide an unlimited free calls to US / Canada with no fine prints at all,

With VocalTec software soon on your Windows PC, Mac, Apple iPad, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android phones you can dial an unlimited free calls over internet (VOIP calls) to US / Canada.

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