Place Free, Instant-Group-Touch-to Call and Text

Free instant Group Calling communication and Texting at Single (One)- Touch: currently works in continental USA and Canada

Here is the latest free app for the Apple iPhone to make instant and one-touch to call or text for free to your group (up to 20 people in a group),

Just press a single button and make a voice live chat to everybody in your group up to twenty people, they may include your family, friends or business colleagues, or a mix of all, each of these 20 guys are on a single phone call means that these everyone is on the phone thus everybody knows what is going on in your group, so this makes group calling easy, no registration, no download etc needed,

When / If somebody in the group misses the phone call / could not pick up the phone in time, the Callvine sms them with the number to make click and join the group call,

Callvine explains:

"From now until September 7th, 2010 all group calls are free – talk for up to an hour to up to 20 people.

After September 7th, 10 minute calls to up to 20 people are free – if you need more time, you can pay for longer calls by buying Callvine minutes in bundles of 60 minutes for $5.99 from your iTunes account.

One Callvine minute allows you to talk to up to 5 people. If you need to connect with a larger group – say 8 people — that call requires 2 paid Callvine minutes per minute of talk time. You will be able to connect with as many as 50 participants on a single Callvine call, and we automatically adjust the number of minutes used based on the total participant number. You can check your account anytime to see how many paid minutes you’ve used and how many are remaining. You can buy small or large amounts of Callvine minutes that are good for 90 days from purchase"

Read full FAQ,

It’s something similar to PUSH TO TALK (PTT) phone calling,

The best part is that you can make a call any-any phone: mobile or landline in your group – No need for an Apple iPhone to receive or answer the voice group call : ) also provides for an easy 3-way group call conferencing or group conversation over iPhone, with free 10 minutes of calls and all with an easy call control features, you can make a family announcement, travel planning or so in these 10 free calling minutes,

Here is the BIG deal:

So Callvine announced that there is an unlimited FREE group calling through September 7th, 2010 just to celebrate their grand opening, all instant group calls are free - so talk as long as you like to up to 20 people per call...

Callvine also permits for an easy group texting up to 100+ guys in a group using your own iPhone SMS app, no registration is ever needed,

Callvine is optimized for group text to 100+ guys and is also optimized for Apple's latest OS: iOS 4 & iPhone’s own text app,

If you do not have an Apple iPhone and still wish to use instant group calling and texting facility with Callvine, than you should wait and watch as Callvine is ready to launch the instant group calling for other platforms too....

For iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Palm, Android devices, Windows mobile, Callvine group calls and SMS is on the way, just stay tuned,

The latest news about group calling company the Callvine is that it has raised $4 million for Group Calling...

Callvine group calling and texting for iPhone app works over latest iPhone 4 too and this free Apple iPhone app is also optimized for iOS4, FYI this is the first TRUSTe certified telecommunications app in the Apple iTunes store.

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