FaceBook Places on US Cells and iPhones

Facebook.com is one of the most popular (500+ million members) online social network of our era, people connects each other, share, play, smile and cry online : )

Now FaceBook has rolled out a new feature for US based Facebook users (with a cell phone access to the Facebook app for iPhone or touch.facebook.com) and this is FACEBOOK PLACES (it uses GPS functionality on smart mobiles), using this on smart cell phones one can tag / check real life geo-locations in real world, like live concerts, movies, restaurants etc, you can connect or share your where-about with your friends is the motive of this new Facebook places, its all about geo-location sharing via Face book and your mobile phone,

Facebook is also making an update to its mobile Web services for Facebook places feature, and in a process of unveiling a fresh and a new version of its Apple iPhone app, for its iPhone app users… and mobile users: touch.facebook.com …

FYI: Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Booyah etc also offers such location based features.

Facebook Places FAQ

...and if you are one who terribly concerned about your Facebook privacy issues than you can make some tweaks / adjustments, or simply do not use this Facebook Places at all : )

'Facebook Places' can be used via any mobile browser, (of a cell phone) which is enables and supports HTML5 & geo-location...

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