Call Gmail to Phone: US, Canada, Free VOIP Call

Call Gmail to Phone: US, Canada, Free VOIP Call
Call Gmail to Phone: US, Canada, Free VOIP Call
Free US, Canada VOIP Call from Gmail to Phones, make or receive now:

Search, search, search … Google is being perhaps getting tired or bored : ) by constantly being the unchallenged Citadel & King of online search business / technology that’s why it has grounded in one of the most lucrative VOIP voice calling via its popular email application the GMAIL to phones (yes its Gmail to phones calling unlike PC to PC)!

Google’s free telephony the GOOGLE VOICE is popular in US, CANADA, Hawaii, Alaska etc as it provides free voice calling there, Google recently acquired Gizmo for VOIP calling, but Gmail’s VOIP voice calling is new and will pose a great challenge for E-Bay’s Skype, who proud to be the current world leader in web based free to cheap unlimited international VOIP calling, Skype has 560+ million worldwide registered members from around the globe till date and an average of 124+ million users a month, Gmail has 200+ global million users till date,

…the two world class quality giants now come suddenly face-to-face : )

Gmail already provided the voice and video chat for more two years from PC to PC, and this new GMAIL’s voice calling is good for the places where the cell phone reception is weak or poor, or for the guys who are in a hurry to make the voice call from there desks,

Gmail VOIP calls and also video chat to the US / Canada numbers are free till end of the year 2010, but the international voice calls could range starting 2 US cents per minute (many nations), and still high 98 US cents per minute for Cuba : (

The incoming calls pops up as a new chat window in Google’s Gmail than it rings up the Google Voice equipped telephones all simultaneously, what you have to do is to hit the "Call phone" button which surfaces on the top of the Chat window to initiate the outbound call,

The good is: giant Google is also giving away free calls to / trial free calling booths on the airports and around few universities, good for the student community which always seek the way to call free to their home and all!


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