IP-PBX-Skype Connect 1.0 (ex-Skype SIP): Business, Corporate & Enterprise VOIP

Skype Connect
Skype Connect
Skype the VOIP world leader has a new and latest innovation for corporate, business and enterprise markets, its Skype Connect 1.0 (IP-PBX) which was earlier known as Skype SIP,

Using Skype connect, the organizations / businesses / enterprises users can easily add, communicate, sync and integrate Skype VOIP voice calling system with their IP enabled PBX system and Unified communications (UC) easily, users can receive free Skype to Skype VOIP calls too,

Skype is the VOIP world leader and despite this fact it too has some competition too with bandwidth.com and Cisco etc too who owes IP-PBX too,

Using Skype’s interface its users are free to make the VOIP calling from a button on the web, the incoming calls are free, but the outbound calls will be billed at standard Skype rates...

Hotmail Wave4: Push to Cell via EAS: Mobile-to-Web Syncing

Microsoft's-Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4, the world's largest email provider has now mobile phone to web syncing via EAS or Exchange Active Sync,

The Hotmail email ID users are able to access their e-mail, calendar, contacts etc. all by push to the cell phones, also if / when any changes to the calendar, inbox or contacts is made - on mobile, it will sync automatically to show the changes on web too and its a vice versa process...

It is Facebook or Skype? Gmail's VOIP Phone Calls Target Whom, if Any?

Gmail's VOIP Phone Calls
Gmail's VOIP Phone Calls
An interesting piece of writing has been surfaced in the wired.com that Gmail's latest communication, PC (web) to real phones (landline or cell phone / mobile) calling (which is free for now in US / Canada at least till 2010 end) really targets the popular social networking site FaceBook rather than the VOIP brand world leader Skype?

Do really Google’s VOIP voice calling over Gmail email client, is targeting Face book or Skype? If not, than to whom? Is the million dollar question?

Google Voice Blog: Make and receive calls in Gmail

Call Gmail to Phone: US, Canada, Free VOIP Call

Call Gmail to Phone: US, Canada, Free VOIP Call
Call Gmail to Phone: US, Canada, Free VOIP Call
Free US, Canada VOIP Call from Gmail to Phones, make or receive now:

Search, search, search … Google is being perhaps getting tired or bored : ) by constantly being the unchallenged Citadel & King of online search business / technology that’s why it has grounded in one of the most lucrative VOIP voice calling via its popular email application the GMAIL to phones (yes its Gmail to phones calling unlike PC to PC)!

Google’s free telephony the GOOGLE VOICE is popular in US, CANADA, Hawaii, Alaska etc as it provides free voice calling there, Google recently acquired Gizmo for VOIP calling, but Gmail’s VOIP voice calling is new and will pose a great challenge for E-Bay’s Skype, who proud to be the current world leader in web based free to cheap unlimited international VOIP calling, Skype has 560+ million worldwide registered members from around the globe till date and an average of 124+ million users a month, Gmail has 200+ global million users till date,

…the two world class quality giants now come suddenly face-to-face : )

Gmail already provided the voice and video chat for more two years from PC to PC, and this new GMAIL’s voice calling is good for the places where the cell phone reception is weak or poor, or for the guys who are in a hurry to make the voice call from there desks,

Gmail VOIP calls and also video chat to the US / Canada numbers are free till end of the year 2010, but the international voice calls could range starting 2 US cents per minute (many nations), and still high 98 US cents per minute for Cuba : (

The incoming calls pops up as a new chat window in Google’s Gmail than it rings up the Google Voice equipped telephones all simultaneously, what you have to do is to hit the "Call phone" button which surfaces on the top of the Chat window to initiate the outbound call,

The good is: giant Google is also giving away free calls to / trial free calling booths on the airports and around few universities, good for the student community which always seek the way to call free to their home and all!


RIM-BlackBerry: VOIP Free WIFI Call

RIM-BlackBerry and Free Wireless VoIP Calling

A VOIP app has been surfaced to be used on Research in Motion – Blackberry (OS 4.2 to 5.0) to make the WIFI calling,

A native mobile VOIP app for Blackberry is in much demand since the time but was not available perhaps, that’s why the TRING ME Blackberry mobile VOIP app claims here to be the very first third party WIFI app for RIM Blackberry,

The famous VOIP brands like the Truphone.com, Skype.com and Fring.com etc still supports iPone (iOS), Windows, Symbian or Android etc,

In the year 2009, a thin global VOIP Skype-Lite client for Blackberry was launched but that app uses the mobile data connection + local air-time minutes or the cellular network like (Verizon’s), and do not use the Skype’s system or WIFI to make calls,

TringMe (an Indian start-up) mobile VOIP app for Blackberry works over WIFI and do not consume your costly cellular minutes, and also allows single-click global voice call conferencing,

Voice calls over VOIP (WIFI) can be placed, and you do not have worry for your mobile minutes for voice calling, and yes if you do not have the WIFI network than TringMe has the local access numbers and also the call-back options to make the call, many cool features for enterprise VOIPs too like direct connectivity to enterprise PBXs,

Last but not least that voice calling in-between the TringMe users is always FREE but only over WIFI, (a thumb rule for making VOIP calls: WIFI to WIFI calls are always free local, national or international as they are transmitted over the internet)…

Free 3D VOIP Chat in Second Life

Second Life, a creation by Linden lab is a virtual world’s social networking community or a platform for the web enthusiasts,

Here you can make your own virtual Avatars, chat Avatars, and many more things which are possible or not in the real life could be done here in Second Life’s virtual world,

Do you know that in the Second Life, one can make a free 3D VOIP chat conversation, with the guys around the world, via text or voice calling, like a IM, in an interactive 3D space,

See YouTube video, how to make a 3D VOIP free chat in Second Life

Mundu Mobile TV: Free Live India Channels

Watch live, streaming Tele vision (TV) on smart cell phone / desktop PC, (Nokia E, N series, windows, android, iPhone, Blackberry etc) and if you love to view Indian TV channels than Mundu TV is for you,

Mundu live TV is coming for a free subscription until September 15, 2010 on registration,

Go, stream a live TV channel on your mobile phone now, anywhere, anytime…

Free Mobile VOIP Video Call at an Air Plane, via Fring

Call for free, a video call using Fring VOIP from an airplane on the go!

It seems that the innovation has no dearth in the world of rapidly evolving, mobile, VOIP & telephony technologies!

We had already seen that how to make a free, unlimited and borderless mobile video calls from a plane using Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4) FACETIME one tap video calling functionality, we also know how make Skype VOIP calling from American airlines plane with GOGO...

Now this is FRING of Israel, a social mobile telephony, IM, VOIP (MOBILE) provider to the world,

Fring has some nicest software to be used on smart cell phone platforms: Nokia, Symbian, Windows, Android, iOS, Apple iPad etc

Fring software provides for an unlimited and free video or audio call conversation (FRING to FRING like SKYPE TO SKYPE), it also provides for a 2 way video calling on Apple iPhone, the IP call quality is nice and works seamlessly : )

Fring mVOIP works on both 3G and a WIFI network, it works from anywhere to anywhere, its free (FRING to FRING or WIFI to WIFI),

FRING has a demo for its smart mobile VOIP video calling from an airplane on the go on a Delta flight from Miami to New York (10,000+ feet), it works, see how…it could be mind blowing, so fasten your seat belts first, than ride on the cloud nine, its cool : )

Something similar of interest:

FaceBook Places on US Cells and iPhones

Facebook.com is one of the most popular (500+ million members) online social network of our era, people connects each other, share, play, smile and cry online : )

Now FaceBook has rolled out a new feature for US based Facebook users (with a cell phone access to the Facebook app for iPhone or touch.facebook.com) and this is FACEBOOK PLACES (it uses GPS functionality on smart mobiles), using this on smart cell phones one can tag / check real life geo-locations in real world, like live concerts, movies, restaurants etc, you can connect or share your where-about with your friends is the motive of this new Facebook places, its all about geo-location sharing via Face book and your mobile phone,

Facebook is also making an update to its mobile Web services for Facebook places feature, and in a process of unveiling a fresh and a new version of its Apple iPhone app, for its iPhone app users… and mobile users: touch.facebook.com …

FYI: Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Booyah etc also offers such location based features.

Facebook Places FAQ

...and if you are one who terribly concerned about your Facebook privacy issues than you can make some tweaks / adjustments, or simply do not use this Facebook Places at all : )

'Facebook Places' can be used via any mobile browser, (of a cell phone) which is enables and supports HTML5 & geo-location...

iPhone 4-FaceTime Buddy Finder, Free and International

Apple iPhone 4 is said to be the latest smart mobile revolution with retina display technology and FACETIME: an unlimited FREE WIFI video calling on go from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4,

Even Facetime FREE IP calling works from an airplane in the sky, from deep pacific ocean in the blues, it works from anywhere to anywhere where there is a WIFI network and in-between two iPhone 4s,

What to do when you have both: the Apple iPhone 4 and a WIFI network, but you do not have any buddies to make a FACETIME free VOIP video chat or conversation session,

Here comes the VISUALFRIEND which helps you to find a suitable buddy to make FREE FACETIME (one tap easy) video call session from around the world,

FYI: Facetime calling over WIFI to WIFI is always free from anywhere to anywhere (like Skype to Skype free VOIP calls), as it uses VOIP protocol and do not consume your expensive cellular minutes, you can even make unlimited free overseas or international video calls over WIFI Facetime with Apple iPhone 4 (Ios 4),

If you want to make free AUDIO WIFI calls just turn to any other app on iPhone 4 and the FACETIME still will work in background with audio only calls (as iPhone 4 have Ios 4 which supports background VOIP and multitasking on handset),

Here is a friendly suggestion, Use the VISUALFRIEND with strangers cautiously as it may lead to 'bad' as many 'very bad' or s*x related adult sites etc are now switching to Facetime video calling too, as its free, its crystal clear in its video etc, tread with caution,

VISUALFRIEND for iPhone 4 is free to use and no charges are there, just a one time free registration,

Hey claims themselves to be the world’s first iPhone 4 community, social online networking is going an amazing wireless video ways now, enjoy the video chat rooms now...

US to China Free Phone Calls

QT Talk, one of the leading prepaid overseas and long distance, residential, business, and mobile calling provider is giving away free USD5 worth calls to China from the USA, to help the mudslides in China!

SMS 'CHINA' at # 64842 to get US$5.00 to place FREE phone calls to China from the USA,

Get full details here!

Free Magictalk-IP Call to US, Canada via BlackBerry, Android, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, Mobile

MagicTalk Free VOIP Calls to US / Canada using BlackBerry, Android, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, Mobile:

MagicJack is a popular VOIP plug-in to make free VOIP calls to the US, now the company behind the MagicJack, “VocalTec Communications Ltd.” is bringing a software, MAGICTALK-USB to place unlimited free VOIP calls to US / Canada’s landline and cell phones, using Apple iPad, Mac, smart phones, iPads, RIM-Blackberry, Android devices etc,

Though there already exists numerous VOIP / IP services like Skype, Fring, Rebtel etc which provides the free VOIP calling to various destinations or worldwide but generally to their own networks, and also many programs are there to place a free call between computer to computer like Skype,

But there are really only few VOIP solutions which actually permits to make free calls to a landline or a cell phone,

Like, in the USA, Google’s - Google Voice permits unlimited free calling but this GV also consumes the cell phone minutes when / if you use a mobile to make call,

MagicTalk tries to short come all this and wish to provide an unlimited free calls to US / Canada with no fine prints at all,

With VocalTec software soon on your Windows PC, Mac, Apple iPad, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android phones you can dial an unlimited free calls over internet (VOIP calls) to US / Canada.

VOIP Career: Work for Us, Freelance Writers Needed

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Skype-to-Go Free Credit Giveaway

After a long period of time the worldwide VOIP or internet telephony leader Skype has a free credit giveaway promo,

Skype.com is a P2P (peer-to-peer) IP service and is very popular among international students, foreigners, households etc for its branded unlimited free international Skype-to-Skype calls,

You might have used, heard or know about 'SKYPE TO GO', a service from Skype, in this one can use Skype on the move / go by any phone yes any phone using landline or mobile at the same normal rates, but this Skype service is available only/from the select nations, not worldwide,

Skype to Go ensures an easy way to use VOIP cheap overseas calling using mobile or landline phones, so its about the ease of access, money saving and reliability,

Skype is giving away free USD 5 (or equivalent in your currency in Skype account) credit to your Skype account if / when you use Skype to Go service and set up a free Skype To Go number (its free to set), the only thing is that you have to use/initiate Skype to Go this weekend (14-15 August, 2010) and Skype will email (by September 6, 2010), you the voucher worth US$5 USD of Skype Credit,

We are sorry, if we are making you in a hurry at the eleventh hour, but as Skype broke this news, we posted it for you too : )

We are sorry again but the existing Skype to Go customers are not eligible to take the advantage of this free USD 5 Skype credit,

This free Skype to Go free credit offer is coming at the time when Skype is going public by its 100 million IPO, which is one of the biggest ever deal by any tech company.

Symbian^3-Nokia N8-Free VOIP Call

Place Free mobile VOIP overseas or local video calls using Fring on your Symbian^3 Nokia N8 cell phone with Fring:

By Talkfree7: Mobile VOIP is gaining roots worldwide nowadays, and FRING.com is the Israel based popular start-up which specializes in mobile social networking like Twitter etc, on go using smart handset cell phones,

Fring also develops apps (applications) to be used on ‘smart’ mobile handsets like on these mobile operating systems (OS): Android, Symbian, Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, and FACE TO FACE video calling app for iPhone 4 (ios 4) which provides free video calls over 3G (FYI: though Apple' native embedded FACETIME on iPhone 4 provides video calling only over WIFI networks but with Fring iPhone 4 video calls could be made over 3G or 4G cellular networks too),

Now the latest app from Fring team is a mobile VOIP app for the Nokia N8, which is a Symbian^3 latest HD video handset from Finnish mobile giant THE NOKIA!

Nokia N8 is claimed to be the VERY FIRST Symbian^3 mobile phone handset in the world : )

… and this is WIFI, wonder mobile gadget has in-built HD video calling capability with two cameras censors: front and back 12 megapixels, and xenon flash, it also has handwriting recognition for Chinese language, Ovi, music, web TV etc.

The Symbian^3 OS also has multitasking capability so many apps like VOIP etc can run in the background too on this Nokia N8 like Apple’s iPhone 4 (with Ios 4 ) Nokia N8 also has the finger touch support to enable the text input & UI control,

Well, with Nokia N8 and Fring mobile video calling app (free) you can make the free voice calls using a 3G or WIFI networks, its easy, its free, its useful,


Symbian^3-Nokia N8 becomes great with Fring mobile free video calling app!

Place Free, Instant-Group-Touch-to Call and Text

Free instant Group Calling communication and Texting at Single (One)- Touch: currently works in continental USA and Canada

Here is the latest free app for the Apple iPhone to make instant and one-touch to call or text for free to your group (up to 20 people in a group),

Just press a single button and make a voice live chat to everybody in your group up to twenty people, they may include your family, friends or business colleagues, or a mix of all, each of these 20 guys are on a single phone call means that these everyone is on the phone thus everybody knows what is going on in your group, so this makes group calling easy, no registration, no download etc needed,

When / If somebody in the group misses the phone call / could not pick up the phone in time, the Callvine sms them with the number to make click and join the group call,

Callvine explains:

"From now until September 7th, 2010 all group calls are free – talk for up to an hour to up to 20 people.

After September 7th, 10 minute calls to up to 20 people are free – if you need more time, you can pay for longer calls by buying Callvine minutes in bundles of 60 minutes for $5.99 from your iTunes account.

One Callvine minute allows you to talk to up to 5 people. If you need to connect with a larger group – say 8 people — that call requires 2 paid Callvine minutes per minute of talk time. You will be able to connect with as many as 50 participants on a single Callvine call, and we automatically adjust the number of minutes used based on the total participant number. You can check your account anytime to see how many paid minutes you’ve used and how many are remaining. You can buy small or large amounts of Callvine minutes that are good for 90 days from purchase"

Read full FAQ,

It’s something similar to PUSH TO TALK (PTT) phone calling,

The best part is that you can make a call any-any phone: mobile or landline in your group – No need for an Apple iPhone to receive or answer the voice group call : )

Callvine.com also provides for an easy 3-way group call conferencing or group conversation over iPhone, with free 10 minutes of calls and all with an easy call control features, you can make a family announcement, travel planning or so in these 10 free calling minutes,

Here is the BIG deal:

So Callvine announced that there is an unlimited FREE group calling through September 7th, 2010 just to celebrate their grand opening, all instant group calls are free - so talk as long as you like to up to 20 people per call...

Callvine also permits for an easy group texting up to 100+ guys in a group using your own iPhone SMS app, no registration is ever needed,

Callvine is optimized for group text to 100+ guys and is also optimized for Apple's latest OS: iOS 4 & iPhone’s own text app,

If you do not have an Apple iPhone and still wish to use instant group calling and texting facility with Callvine, than you should wait and watch as Callvine is ready to launch the instant group calling for other platforms too....

For iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Palm, Android devices, Windows mobile, Callvine group calls and SMS is on the way, just stay tuned,

The latest news about group calling company the Callvine is that it has raised $4 million for Group Calling...

Callvine group calling and texting for iPhone app works over latest iPhone 4 too and this free Apple iPhone app is also optimized for iOS4, FYI this is the first TRUSTe certified telecommunications app in the Apple iTunes store.

Vonage-FaceBook Free VOIP App: Anywhere, Everywhere Free Calls

Vonage Mobile App for Facebook: Make free calls (talk free) from your cell phone to your worldwide Facebook friends (FaceBook, the online social network is a free IP calling network now),

The first thing, Vonage is primarily for USA, Canada and UK that is why this free call app will work from USA mobiles, but for internationals it will work too if you will download this app only from Apple iTunes store (download link is at the end of this post) / Android Market, not from Vonage website,

To use this free calls app you never need to be a Vonage subscriber or customer,

Vonage has released its free MOBILE VOIP calling apps (for iOS: Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (coming), Android OS devices; RIM Blackberry is not here as of yet) to make free and unlimited calls to your Facebook friends all over the world, app is free and free to download, and also its free to make free international VOIP calls to your all Facebook friends,

FaceBook is one of the most popular online social network these days like Twitter, and many Americans break their day by logging-in their personal Facebook accounts when they awake in the morning rather than jogging : )

... anyways you have nothing to buy or spend to make these free VOIP call conference with Vonage to your Facebook worldwide contacts, just download this Vonage app on your Apple iPhone, iPad (App is just coming for Apple iPad and also it will come later for Symbian OS mobile phones), iPod Touch, Android mobile etc and ask your friends to do the same to start making free VOIP calls,

You both-end users should of-course have a separate Facebook account too : ) + this Vonage Facebook app on their respective mobile handsets, to get connected for free and enjoying an unlimited stream of free VOIP voice chat sessions with the Facebook pals....

About the Vonage Mobile Facebook App:

Unlike Skype VOIP you don’t need to sign-in for an account, but just login to your Facebook a/c using this app on your cellular phone!

The good thing is that this Vonage VOIP mobile app automatically pulls the list of your Facebook pals and also shows their status (online or offline),

This Facebook-Vonage VOIP mobile app do not need to have iOS 4 on iPhone 4 thus it works over iPhone which are not iPhone 4 or/and iPod Touch, iPad too, this is iOS 4 tested thus will work over iPhone 4 too,

The app works in background too thus you may be working on your mobile something else and the app is not open than too you can receive your incoming calls by Facebook pals,

Facebook friends do not need your phone number they can just click and call from your online status on the mobile app,

This VOIP app works over all the 3G, 4G and WIFI, and if you want to save your mobile minutes you are free to close the 3G/4G option,

Vonage - Facebook calling app works for overseas calling to on 3G / 4G / WIFI, thus no international calling fees / data roaming charges applies if you make a call using WIFI networks this never uses your expensive cellular minutes, you always want to save for,

When / if you do not have an UNLIMITED 3G/4G data plan / Wi-Fi subscription, than surely check with your mobile carrier, as charges may apply,

In foreign land or when travel abroad use the local 3G network, and be sure to have an international data roaming plan from your carrier to avoid excessive roaming charges, or preferably use the WIFI calling to cut the hefty international roaming, you know WIFI to WIFI is always free globally or locally, as WIFI calling works over VOIP,

For international roaming if you don't have a WIFI network than you may use a mobile wireless router or MIFI device to create a personal WIFI network for you and than you can use it for free VOIP calls, internet surfing etc,

... currently there is no call block option in this app, thus 'stranger friend' on Facebook too may call you, but perhaps Vonage will take notice of this and will provide a way for it too : )

You can download the Facebook Mobile VOIP application from Vonage, from Apple iTune stores (good for international or non US guys) or directly from Vonage website (good for US persons)…

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