VOIP Online International Webinar: Free, Live, Real-Time Broadcast / Audio cast

Freebinar’s VOIP online webinar / conferencing or VOIP voice broadcasting service helps those who have a social network or some following and who wish to communicate or want to give a presentation to their loyal audience!

Freebinar is giving away the free VOIP audio broadcasting, thus one can call an unlimited number of meetings with up to 150 delegates or attendees per meeting, online, using the computer, laptop or tablet PC etc,

Its conducted over VOIP (internet calls like Skype), thus free all over the world (international / globally) and from anywhere to anywhere, where there is an internet connectivity,

Its risk free service and is ads supported, so this is 100% free for meetings, hosts and attendees….

No software has to be downloaded, no set up is needed, no credit card info is ever needed, this VOIP voice broadcasting includes conference calling for up to 150 listeners, and also permits for post webinar services and activities,

To use Freebinar VOIP technology anybody can use his PC, microphone and headset to initiate the audio conferencing / webinar, so no need of a phone or the phone conferencing,

The attendees or delegates have to log-on to the ongoing webinar using their internet browser, and they will be able to hear (listen-only mode) the live online webinar presentation, on their PC : )

Also in the USA, the Freebinar offers a free conference call number to all users, for relatively smaller online meetings, just check if it costs you a long distance charges, if any,

Remember that all the audio webinar either will be handled via a conference call or only via VoIP, not by both modes,

Freebinar has some most advanced webinar / conferencing features like: real time polling, text chat, Q&A session, an automated meeting invitations; registration management; post-webinar surveys etc…

They provides for your free custom logo branding on your webinars, forms etc, its easy, just give it a shot : )


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