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We are living in the very age of communication, where telegraph, telephony & technology have been evolved from Alexander Graham Bell's historic world’s first voice phone call (Alexander Graham Bell spoken these famous first words, "Mr. Watson -- come here -- I want to see you") to most of the smart cellular or mobile phones which promises the free, live streaming, real time, video call on the go!

To make a video call on the go, we need at least two things:

1. A video calling, hardware device or the cell phone,

2. A video calling, compatible software…

There are many smart mobiles and handsets are available all around in the market which provides for video calling option, they range from Symbian, Android, iOS 4 and such…

So have a glance on some of the compatible video calling applications (apps) or software to make a video call on the go,

Apple iPhone 4: FACETIME

One can make an UNLIMITED FREE FACETIME (a newly introduced video call concept from Apple Inc. on its mobile operating system iOS 4, currently works on iPhone 4, no PC or webcam needed) calls anywhere to anywhere video calls even on the board on an AIRPLANE with its WIFI on (like using GOGO on American airlines planes) an on airplane mode with iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 (iOS 4), yes this works : )

FaceTime is amazing thing, it will change the future of the mobile video conversation in the coming months, there will be gadgets embedded with FACE TIME functionality all there,

The best thing of the FACETIME video calls is they are simple, easy, free and nothing to install or download, they goes on a single tap of a button…

Face Time free video chatting works beyond AT&T, beyond USA and even beyond the Earth, people are here who had made Facetime calling from on-board from an airplane,

iPhone 4 Facetime calling even works from INDIA, its surprising to me as INDIA still is in the waiting as Apple has to launch iPhone 4 officially there, no launch there, till date : (

FaceTime on iPad, iPod Touch

There are VERY strong rumours (rather indications) all around in the tech blogosphere that Apple’s future iPad and iPod Touch too soon would have the digital front cam with FACETIME video calling functionality so than one can make free unlimited local, overseas or anywhere video calling in-between the iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch…

iPad, iPod Touch are NOT the phone, so they do not have a phone number thus they will use your email ID to make free FACETIME video calls,

You know, that an Apple gadget is registered with the users’ Apple ID, so Apple will permit that email address to make FACETIME VOIP video calls,

FACETIME push messaging

Apple Inc. plans are vast, they are making FACETIME the next gen necessity for the future, thus an instant push message over FaceTime too may come,

How a Greek artists is earning money using Apple’s FaceTime, thanks to his skills


Fring is rather a new start-up from Israel, they provides for the apps for smart mobile to make free local or international calls over WIFI or 3G cellular routes using FRING to FRING on the both ends,

Fring is the first to introduced the mobile video calling and mobile group video call with upto 4 guys, in the world, their video calling app in Apple iTunes store even is one step ahead of Apple's own FACETIME for iPhone 4, Fring iPhone 4 app provides 2-way free unlimited video calls over 3G or WIFI to any smart mobile like Symbian S60, Nokia, Android, iPhone etc, though Apple's FACETIME only provides video calls over WIFI only not on 3G right now and FACETIME supports only iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 video calls,

Few days back Fring had a 'tug of war' or rather head to head collision with world VOIP leader Skype and the result is that now we can NOT use Skype calls over FRING app, earlier it was too free from smart mobiles, but gone are the days, Fring to Skype is a dream now : (

Fring to Fring worldwide smart video calling has now grown to approx 200,000+ a day now : )


Who do not know the world leaders SKYPE the VOIP, established by Estonians and is an E-Bay company Skype is #1 VOIP provider in audio or video calling across the borders, Skype is the heartbeat of many many in the world, in the virtual world at least the two things are most popular and they are GOOGLE & SKYPE which world people do daily!

Skype is very simple to use and a non tech-y or your Grandma can use it to make video calling with NO help at all,

Skype has no limits and, its world class, they are P2P and their video calling is superb, Skype is always free when it’s done: SKYPE to SKYPE! No fine prints, no doubts when it’s Skype, the VOIP!!!

After Skype & Fring tussle, till date, the US guys have only remain but one option to make Skype VIDEO calls on the go, that is only using it via smart Nokia N-900, in USA, Nokia N900 works over 3G & WiFi, and ONLY supports T-Mobile's 3G data network, not AT&T network,

Nokia N900 works on Maemo 5 which is an official Skype app, developed jointly by Nokia and Skype,

Skype has some special gadgets or phones too to make video call (or Skype to Skype unlimited free overseas video or audio call conference) like


QIK (acquired by Skype) is an another video calling social networking platform which provides stream of live video calls,

USA's first 4G Android cell phone is HTC-EVO 4G by Sprint Nextel and using QIK software on it one can have lots of fun and video chatting,

Also you can use Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4) over QIK LIVE to make videos and could share with your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs on the go...

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very interesting article, but disappointed to NOT see a very exciting new app called Movicha that goes across paltforms and networks to support video calls. thanks!

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