Skype Click & Call Advertising Revenue System

Skype the VOIP’s unmatched brand leader has initiated (with Marchex in USA, Canada and Western Europe) its click and call service for its advertisers (pay-per-call ads), where millions of Skypers would be able to call some certain phone numbers FOR FREE (also you might know that Skype to Skype calls are always free) as they would be ‘sponsored’ or paid by advertisers,

The ‘participating advertisers’ phone numbers will get highlighted in a Skype’s blue Free Call button, when their phone numbers are displayed online,

When the customer will click (business to consumer) on the Skype blue button, than Skype VOIP software will initiate the call and it will connect to that phone number for free, the caller or customer has nothing to pay and advertiser will get their customer, it would give better access to the advertisers as they have a direct and live voice interaction with their prospective buyers!

Ease of access is the name of the game, as netizens are rather lazy, they only do the things which are visible to them, rather than to dig them of the www, so it will prove to be a boon for Skype revenue and for its advertisers too,

This is rather an old model of advertising, Google already did it before Skype, where it connects the buyer with the seller on a click of mouse to the phone number and customer has nothing to pay : )


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