Skype bans Fring? VOIP War Begins?!

Skype bans Fring
Skype bans Fring
Really shocking and sad too that two world class global VOIP providers seems to be at loggerheads!

Why Skype v/s. Fring:

Yesterday Fring ‘blocked’ (for temporarily) Skype calls of its app due to its ‘network stress’, today Skype blocked Fring!

Skype says: Fring is lying! And for Fring, Skype is cowards! Oh my God!

But what is the reality behind this war of words in-between Fring and Skype, the global VOIP leaders and brands? Who blocked who?

I am convinced with Andy's clear cut opinion, he seems to be very clear over the issue:

"...My sources tell me that Skype has neither "blocked fring" nor asked them to pull their support for Skype. This is slightly different than what Frings' angle to the story is..." (read full story)

What will happen to the crusade for a global and open communication?!


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