Receive FaceTime Call after Porting a Number, How To?

FaceTime is a native, open source and an embedded app on Apple iPhone 4 (iOs 4) to make one tap, free and an unlimited WIFI video chatting, the rumours are that FACETIME will soon surface on new iPod Touch, iPad with a digital camera : ) so stay tuned to this TALKFREE7 VOIP blog,

.. So what will happen if you had ported your phone number from any foreign carrier to the Apple’s iPhone 4 (AT&T) and want to make a FACETIME free video call?

You may land into any of these troubles:

• You will try to make a Facetime video call, but your phone number will be displayed as NOT your number,

• The other guys would find it tough or would be unable to make a FACETIME call session with you : (

Now what is the quickest solution?

Well this lies here

Good Luck!!!

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