Paul Octopus App for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Paul is a real world's little living intelligent being and a smart British born Octopus, which resides at an aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany,

He earned the name and the fame during the world cup football: FIFA 2010 held in South Africa,

Amazingly or surprisingly he 'predicted' correct the outcome for each and every match for FIFA 2010!

'Psychic' Paul the Octopus soon became the national (or rather international) hero or a FIFA star when Spain lifted the FIFA world cup 2010 defeating the Netherlands and this too was predicted by him 100% accurate!

Now a Brazilian iPhone app developer had created an app "Ask the Octopus Oracle" having the Paul Octopus, it's a fun app which costs one time download for USD 0.99 and can randomly choose / predict in-between the two given options!

This Paul Octopus app is iOS 4 tested, hence you may try it on your latest iPhone 4 too : )

Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Applications (Apps) Designing:

Designing the apps for Apple gadgets viz. iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch is a billion dollar industry now, till date there are approx 2,25,000 apps in iTunes store ranging from free to paid,

The Apple Inc. pays 70% share to the App designer and retains 30%, the people from all over the world are earning nice income from here like Google Adsense or Ads by Google which pays for its ads, the Apple apps are the lifeline for the Apple products without which they are nothing more than like a paperweights!

Thanks to the wonderful apps creators and the apps developers for all of us…

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Anonymous said...

This is good but not worth paying for!!

The Psychic Octopus App is free and prob funnier

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