Nokia, HTC, RIM: We are NOT an Apple, Do not ‘eat’ us : )

Nokia, HTC and RIM-Blackberry defended themselves over Apple Inc’s, Steve Jobs statement that any smart phone could have the such antenna or reception problems, (Steve’s statement came in the wake of faulty antenna and reception issue over newly launched Apple’s iPhone 4 (iOS 4),

Apple did specifically quoted RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 as an example, resulting, the sharp criticism by RIM and also by Nokia and HTC too,

Now Apple claims that Nokia's N97 Mini also has signal issue : )

Now-a-days it seems, it’s a trend that biggies do make 'war of words' or a fight, like

Everybody wants seems to deface and defame others but what the signals are going to the public in general, nobody has a time to think perhaps, who cares?!

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