Mobile Banking: Deposit a Check using Apple iPhone, Banks Go Green

US Banks too are now going green (paperless banking) and are started allowing their customers to deposit a paper check / cheque using mobiles (Apple iPhone) now :

USAA Bank Check Deposit using iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch:

The customers of the USAA (United Services Automobile Association, a private bank and insurance company which serves mostly military personnel) are permitted to take the photograph or a scan both sides of the paper check > select the Bank account > enter the amount on the check > make it confirm...> transmit those images via an app > then void the check....

Even the bank customers do not need to mail the real paper check to the bank later as all of the depositing process is totally electronic!

Mashable reports such an another mobile banking app and its free service using Apple iPhone is by Chase: Quick Deposit, is a feature from JPMorgan Chase which lets its users to deposit a paper check using Apple's iPhone camera in a similar manner like of USAA above,

Transaction Limitations:

The customers are allowed to deposit a maximum of USD1,000 a day and USD3,000 per week using the mobile direct deposit app,

Paypal Mobile Banking app:

Designing the applications or the apps for Apple (iTunes store) iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad is the most hot business right now, people are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from creating apps for Apple...

... and there is yet another money transfer from iPhone free app from Paypal, (the world's leading money transfer online company), which is iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 4, iPad compatible too...just bump the app to transfer the Paypal money and cheers when you receive a mail: You have received the Paypal funds!!

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