MIFI & Facetime VOIP Overseas Video Call

FaceTime Video Calling over MIFI (MyFi):

MIFI is a virtual & private WIFI hotspot, created via using 3G cellular signals by a small device known as MIFI..

A small MIFI gadget (or an overdrive cellular wireless router like from Sprint) routes 3G cellular signals to convert them into a private and virtual WIFI network, where there is no WIFI signals but you need them, like in a moving car or such other places : )

Thus the MIFI is a virtual private WIFI mobile network on the go,

Facetime is the latest and most innovative single tap video mobile calling technology from Apple Inc., which works currently over only WIFI to WIFI and only iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 (over iOS 4),

Facetime video calls are unlimited free, either overseas or national long distance or local, or from an airplane, distance does not matters here as they go over the WIFI network which works on VOIP technology (voice over internet protocol), where voice and video calls are being transmitted in the form of the small data packets over the internet ... Facteime video calling technology in fact is the most advance and innovative of the many mobile technologies, that we had ever seen or used ever : )

Well, Apple iPhone 4's Facetime mobile video calling works great over MIFI too, where there is no WIFI or a hotspot, you can create a virtual and private WIFI hotspot with MIFI and can initiate the FACETIME video calls to your contacts,

Thus effectively or virtually this way, you will use Apple's FACTIME video calling technology over a 3G cellular network (no need to TETHERING )(AT&T tethering plans), though FACETIME calling is only meant currently to work over a WIFI network!

FaceTime mobile abroad video calling is easy than Skype but just limited to in-between iPhone 4s, though it is free : )

Suppose you are sitting in a moving car, and there is no WIFI, than this MIFI (known as an EGG or WI-Bro in South Korea) wonder gadget works wonder for you as it converts 3G cellular signals (which are generally everywhere like the Gods : ) into private WIFI for you, than you can launch your free video calls in the car over latest iPhone 4 to your iPhone 4 contacts over the WIFI, and enjoy your TIME with the FACEs (FACE-TIME) of your fiancé, son; daughter, hubby or Mom, Dad...enjoy...

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