JailBreaking / Unlocking - iPhone / Cell Phone is Ethical & Legal in USA

In a stunning ruling the US Government legalized the 'Jail Breaking' or unlocking or cracking of any Apple iPhone, cell phone for educational purposes, in the USA, its perfectly legal in the USA and nothing bad or unethical in it : )

Jail break your iPhone / cell phone and install the third party apps on it, it is legal and no Apple cops will hold you for doing this,

Jailbreaking is all different from hacking, and we know trying the hands to jailbreak an Apple iPhone (now iPhone 4 with iOS 4) seems to become a big cottage industry, where many people are involved : )

The logical sense behind the legalizing of jailbreaking or unlocking seems that iPhone is yours and not Apple's, thus similarly a mobile is yours, it is not of the company which sold it out to you!

Apple objected the move, they believe that running of unauthorized programmes or apps could lead the problems to its popular iPhone!

But PC world seems to be correct that even government approved jailbreaking will also not save the iPhone users : ( as there may be many things like a void warranty by Apple if you jailbreak your iPhone! Ooops...

So never 'eat'(jailbreak) an 'Apple' (iPhone), it could be 'bad' for your health :(


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