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Going abroad (to UK), and wish to use your own cell phone / Apple iPhone there but to avoid hefty international roaming on your mobile? OK, here comes FONMIGO for your Britain’s roaming needs, it cuts your roaming charges in UK and you can travel there with your peace of mind, there are no contracts, its a pre-paid service, so no worry for bills,

FONMIGO is a US company, which is provides rent-a-phone / Mobile WIFIMIGO modem (or Novatel's MIFI type wireless router) service in UK,

This eliminates the hefty international bills on UK roaming, Fonmigo provides and rents local UK smart mobile phones / mobile Wi-Fi modems / routers to the travelers in the USA thus this enables the USA travelers to become truly mobile within UK and just they have to pay for the local charges,

…If your hotel or your stay place have a free WIFI availability than use your iPhone over WIFI, if not than use FONMIGO's Mobile WIFI anywhere in the UK,

Yes, its a mobile WIFI solution on the go in UK (Intelligent Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot), Fomingo provides a small device which easily can fit in your pocket, (this device is branded as 'MIFI' by Novatel in USA), this creates a virtual private WIFI network for you on the go, by routing the 3G cellular signals into the WIFI signals, and thus you can use your iPhone over WIFI to make calls,

3 mobile in UK also sells this similar broadband on the go mobile WIFI device,

Now block the cellular network on your iPhone, just use it in airplane mode, it will stop the 3G cellular network, now feel free to use WIFI network in UK which have the ZERO roaming charges, just using an iPod touch. You can access internet for free now and make VOIP calls over the iPhone for free, local or international,

If you have your Apple iPhone while in UK and wish to zero the roaming cost than you always can use WIFI to WIFI VOIP calls,

Like use SKYPE VOIP calls app {download it free from Apple iTunes store, its free over WIFI and Skype to Skype calls are always free for all,

If you have Apple iPhone 4 than use Apple’s native in-built app FACETIME to make video calls over WIFI and only to other iPhone 4 users,

If you want to use audio-only calls over iPhone 4 than with its multitasking capability you can do so, just open any other app on it and Facetime’s video calls will go itself in the background and you can continue with the free FACETIME audio calls over WIFI,

You may also download Fring mobile VOIP app on your iPhone 4 and use your iPhone 4 to call any smart phone over WIFI in the world having Android, Symbian 60, Nokia etc, Fring app is not just limited to iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, it also works on 3G cell network unlike FACETIME,

You know, a rule of thumb that WIFI to WIFI calls are always free from anywhere to anywhere in the world, always as they routes using the VOIP or internet,

You may also love to use Truphone app on your iPhone to make free WIFI to WIFI worldwide calling…possibilities are endless, just bookmark, share and subscribe this blog : )

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