iPhone 4 Video Call Mania caused Fring to pause Skype

Fring from Israel, the VOIP apps provider for smart cellular phones just introduced its most awaited two-way mobile video unlimited free calling over WIFI and 3G for iPhone or rather to make 2-way video calls over Apple iPhone 4 (with iOS 4) and with Fring app over it,

With Fring over iPhone 4 anybody can make free calling in-between any iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 (like with Apple’s own native calling embedded app FaceTime) and ALSO to any smart cell phone having Fring, wither it is Symbian S60 Nokia, Android, iPhone or so : )

So Fring App available for free in the Apple iTunes store seems to have the better features than Apple's own native FACETIME free WIFI video calling software here I am talking of the 'features' and not the quality, certainly as FACETIME is Apple’s own native free video call software (an open source software for mobile video calling) which comes as pre-embedded in the iPhone 4 right now, certainly has better call quality reception with picture quality, but its limited to calling in-between two iPhone 4-s, and with Fring mobile VOIP app on iPhone 4 one can make video call to multiple operating systems or mobile platforms like to any smart mobile having Android, Symbian S-60, iPhone or so...

Also FACETIME calls are possible only over WIFI to WIFI though Fring permits to make video calls over WIFI and 3G cellular networks both : )

Fring was the very first in the world to introduced the mobile video calling : )

... But this new iPhone 4 software by Fring caused a huge worldwide stir and perhaps people called too much with videos, thus caused Fring's network on an stress issue thus Fring has to 'PAUSE' the third party Skype mobile calling from its platform for the time being to save its network from an undue ‘stress’...


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