iOS 4 and Facetime - URL Recognition

Facetime, is the latest UNLIMITED free local or international video calling over WIFI and iPhone 4 technology launched by the Apple Inc.,

Appleinsider reports that the Apple’s FaceTime technology supports the iOS URL schemes, thus enabling the users to make or initiate a call by clicking on a hyperlink!

Apple insider further reports hat the iPhone 3GS users too can see and click the hyperlinks but ooops, they do not work, even not for the audio-only voice calls,


facetime:// URL:

Above URL scheme works and when a user clicks on the desired URL from the apple iOS 4 than he go through that hyperlinked URL,

tel://9005575342 or tel://888facetime

The above URL scheme when is used from iOS 4, prompts the user to make dial that number, this works too when the numbers are in an alpha character mode like tel://888facetime iOS 4 rightly ‘ translates’ these letters into the corresponding phone numbers to make them dial-able and make a call,

This above URL scheme works to launch a mail app from iOS 4

sms:// (followed by a mobile number or short code):

This URL structure launches the SMS messages with a text addressed and ready to enter…

FaceTime Video calling and the URL system recognition:

Apple's FaceTime (iOS 4)) too recognizes the URL schemes and this permits other apps (and hyperlinks on a website) to get launched to a Facetime video conversation session,

… but till date this URL scheme hyperlink clicking & working is only enabled for iPhone 4 (having iOS 4) and not the other iDevices from Apple though they too might be running on the same mobile operating system iOS 4…

Apple Inc. will take the notice!

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