Free WIFI Skype Access for FIFA Finale 2010

Sunday, the July 11th, 2010 is a D'Day in the history of South Africa Football world cup FIFA 2010, the grand finale between Spain and Netherlands is rather a 'war' between the two European nations in the South African football stadium!

A 'psychic' German Octopus named as PAUL is making whole of the world like insane! Paul the Octopus foretold about the winning of Spain, Huh! Whole of the world seems to be cranky and in superstitions?!

...Anyways, the VOIP global brand SKYPE is giving away its SKYPE Access (WIFI) for free for whole of the Sunday on and around 100,000 worldwide hotspots so the Skypers can enjoy free worldwide and unlimited Skype calling & surfing over free WIFI hotspots....

It is a nice gift indeed from Skype the broadband internet calls provider company from Estonia held by EBay!

We Thank You Skype!

… Previously in a unique promo, for a full one month Skype presented free landline / mobile calls to the nations which played in FIFA 2010 world cup football,

No fine prints here, when its Skype, better read the official words from Skype team:

"From 0001 GMT to 2359 GMT on Sunday 11 July 2010, Skype Access will be free to use, so you can surf the web, send email and make free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls at over 100,000 WiFi hotspots in cafés, hotels and airports worldwide."

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