Free Samsung Galaxy S For iPhone 4 Frustrates!

Viral marketing has reached to a new height where there ethics seems to be placed on the borderline?!

Twitter, FaceBook are social web 2.0 properties and helps a lot in the online viral marketing strategy!

Apple's is already giving away free Bumper to iPhone 4 owners and now reportedly the Samsung UK is trying to encash the iPhone 4 sufferers (antenna gate issue) and has offered a free Samsung Galaxy S to the sufferers of Apple's iPhone 4 who are seeing iPhone 4 rather a trouble for themselves!

To claim a brand new Free Samsung Galaxy S mobile device the iPhone 4 sufferer has to make a tweet @samsungukmobile and have to contact them with details, note, only few handsets are left or may have been exhausted when you tweet and contact them, so check if you wish : )

After Apple's open tussle with Nokia, RIM, HTC this is an blow by Samsung on the Apple product iPhone 4 which is believed to be the best till date : )

CNN confirms that the 'deal' is official as confirmed by SAMSUNG : (

We have to get the motive of Samsung UK?! Are they really want to and helping iPhone 4 sufferers? Or they just 'marketing' their product on the peril of iPhone 4 signals issue, or they are making a mockery of the Apple iPhone 4?! What do you think, dear Talkfree7 readers?

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