FaceTime Stream is Encrypted: Apple Inc.

Many (VERY serious) rumours & allegations are in the air regarding the AT&T and Apple's latest endeavour iPhone 4's (the handheld gadget with iOS 4) one tap-local or international video chat functionality (coined as FACETIME!) and the people's privacy,

The rumours or allegations are like this:

"…not only are iPhone 4 calls made via FaceTime unencrypted, but that iOS 4 sends details of every FaceTime call back to Apple’s mother ship in Cupertino"

see another:

“In iOS 4 there is a line of code which they wrote that sends OTA (Over the Air) updates to the user every 7-14 days which detects and locks the system if it is not using AT&T network. Also AT&T and Apple have 6 months worth of OTA updates in their server which “Alpha” himself checked.”

According to ZDNET, the Apple Inc. has reacted to these rumours circulating in-between the iPhone 4 lovers, blogosphere and the tech world, and defends its open source software FACETIME by stating that:

"The site you mention is alleging that FaceTime is sending user names and locations back to Cupertino after each FaceTime call. That is incorrect.”

Apple creates a unique ID for each Face Time user, ensuring FaceTime calls are routed and connected properly. No other user information is stored for FaceTime and Apple cannot retrieve the data for any other purpose (it is stored in a hash format). No location information is ever used or stored during FaceTime registration or a FaceTime conversation.

Additionally, the entire FaceTime conversation stream itself is encrypted"...

Apple Inc. seems to be reeling through the TOUGH TIME (not the FACE TIME) these days: above allegations & rumours, monopoly abuse class action, antenna and signalling issues in iPhone 4, defective time capsules, giants Apple-Google tussle (or better iPhone-Android tussle…) etc….


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