Facetime on AirPlaneMode: Make Free Video Calls from AirPlane

Apple's latest wonder gizmo iPhone 4, has iOS 4 mobile OS, with a provision for the unlimited free international or local video calling over WIFI (iPhone 4 to iPhone 4; WIF to WIFI), known as FACETIME!

Also you can make free unlimited FACETIME video voice calls between airplane to airplane using airplane's in-flight WIFI like using GOGO from Aircell in North America or such,

Appleinsider revealed an interesting thing, that to make the free Facetime video calls between Apple iPhone 4s and WIFIs, you do not always need to be connected with any mobile service provider like AT&T in USA; Softbank in Japan; Operator 3 in UK and like in France or Germany etc....

Appleinsider says: that for making a FaceTime video calling, it requires an activated phone with service, BUT it is only true for the VERY first FaceTime calling session made from the iPhone 4, the later or subsequent FACETIME calls to your FaceTime contacts, (which also includes that users, to whom you had never contacted before, can be placed at an ease, with mobile service turned off completely...like on-the-board on a flying airplane with its WiFi services (even where, the regulations prevent users from placing the mobile phone calling),

Appleinsider further claims that its readers reported them that they have successfully managed to make FACETIME calling from airplane mode with WIFI and also in-between the two airplanes in the sky : ) Wow : )

I don’t think even Steve Jobs is aware of this beautiful functionality of his FACETIME feature in iOS 4 of iPhone 4 ?!

Remember that you can never connect to make a FACETIME call directly from the dialler, oops no button exists for this, instead you should create the contact itself first to the address book, than click over the FACETIME button (or connect from within the call), and when you are on a WIFI network, than you should use 'COTACTS' to start video calling or FACETIME calling without any cellular services,

Appleinsider reveals the reason, that the FACETIME needs an initial phone services as while for the very first time to work on a video call … as it sends a message to Apple's gatekeeper service in return it then registers the user's phone number as a FaceTime - capable or compatible number!

Appleinsider also tells that after the registration of such number for FACETIME, "the phone number likely "works more or less like an E.164 alias in a H.323 call," according a developer who works with video conferencing equipment"....

Similar to the iChat AV, FaceTime too is relied upon the IETF's SIP technology rather than ISDN-oriented ITU's H.323 ... and generally today’s' video conferencing gadgets supports both H.323 and SIP…

Try your Apple iPhone 4 FACETIME video calling now : )

Hey Andy Abramson! I am trying to learn from You : )


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