FaceTime International Call: High Seas - Land - Air Free Nexus

FaceTime is an open source VOIP calling platform from Apple Inc., it works currently over iPhone 4 (iOS 4) and one can make an unlimited free voice or video cellular calls from anywhere to anywhere (no PC required), but two conditions are there:

FaceTime calls are currently only WIFI to WIFI, they are international and to better say FaceTime calling is trans international which sans physical boundaries in nature and could be done from anywhere to anywhere,

FaceTime calls currently only in-between iPhone 4 to iPhone 4,

But if you want to make a call from iPhone 4 to Android or Symbian 60, Nokia smart handset than you should use FRING mobile VOIP app for your iPhone, it works iPhone 4 to above mentioned OS, but currently Fring do not support SKYPE as it supports previously,

Fring VOIP app for iPhone also works over a 3G network and also on a WIFI network,

But call quality, video etc is good for FACETIME app over iPhone 4 and Fring lags behind,

You know that you can make FACETIME video calling from an airplane to land, and yes it works seamlessly : ) wow!!!

FaceTime calls even could be done from India and from such countries where there Apple iPhone 4 has yet to be launched : )

In the coming months FaceTime video calling is coming over future Apple’s iPad and iPod Touch, where it will work over Apple’ FaceTime ID or your email address as these both iGadgets do not have a phone number,

FaceTime video calling helps the deaf people to communicate using ZVRS powered calls,

Now the latest is that FACETIME overseas video calls worked from deep high seas (Pacific ocean) from a boat (using satellite data over WIFI) to the land (Earth) too, its great, technology and especially by Apple is demonstrating its best talent right now, Facetime works on a moving plane, it also works on international waters, my God : )

So if you have an Apple iPhone 4 and you wish to make a FaceTime video conversation than this Apple gadget promises a High Seas – Land – Air nexus, simply a smooth connectivity! Just try it, it works wonder…

And yes remember one thing, how Facetime WIFI video calling works anywhere?! Appleinsider suggests that to initiate a free Facetime video call conference between two Apple iPhone 4s and WIFIs, you DO NOT always need to be connected with any mobile service provider...

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