Facetime: How to know who is now WIFI-Online? And make Video Voicemail

Apple’s open software for making WIFI video calls in between the two iPhone 4 (iOS 4) is known as FACE-TIME,

Facetime calling currently works only on WIFI networks, thus it is free to make unlimited video calls as WIFI routes the voice calls (into digital packets) over the internet which is known as VOIP or voice over internet protocol, thus WIFI calling is free and unlimited, anywhere to anywhere, overseas, local or long distance,

FaceTime magically even works from an Airplane,....... from a ship in deep Pacific ocean over satellite data & WIFI network, it also works over MIFI / wireless overdrive 3G / 4G mobile hotspot, it also works in between two nations or in-between international boundaries : )

The problem lies how will you get to know that whom of your contact is currently on WIFI and who is available for a video chat? to make him enable for a FACETIME video chatting session?

Here is an app meant for Apple’s FaceTime, its called FacePlant which is designed for this very reason which tells and push notifies you when you receive a video message it also tells you the status of your friend(s) which are currently present on a WIFI network, and thus you could make a voice, video call to them,

But FacePlant for FaceTime only works when this app is installed on both end or on both of the iPhone 4s which are ought to make a video voice calling session!

iPhone 4 has iOS 4 which supports background VOIP and multitasking thus FacePlant too runs in the background, just open FacePlant app and forget, when your iPhone 4 contacts wishes to make a FaceTime session with you, you will than get a ‘ping’, like on a normal FACETIME video call …


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