FaceTime: Free Fring for iPhone 4 over 3G, WIFI and Make International Video Calls to Any Mobile not only to iPhone 4

iPhone 4 (having iOS 4 and multitasking): Make unlimited, international, Free face to face, 2-way VIDEO calls over WIFI or a 3G cellular network … Also you can make these mobile VIDEO calls from iPhone 4 to ANY smart mobile in the world having FRING mobile VOIP software,

Fring is an award wining and FREE VOIP calls making software for smart mobiles from Fring.com which is based in Israel,

They specializes in mobile social networking: Skype-ing, Twitter, Free unlimited local, national, long distance or international calls over WIFI or 3G cellular networks which includes the mobile VIDEO calling too,

Fring mobile VOIP app works with Windows mobile OS or Android (Droid) platform or Symbian like Nokia’s, Apple iPhone and the latest entry to the smart mobile OS is iOS 4 which currently comes with Apple iPhone 4…

Fring is better (for at least two reasons) than Apple’s own one tap FaceTime video calling which comes embedded native in iPhone 4,

1. You are NOT limited only to the WIFI networks (Fring works over 3G cellular networks too) and,

2. Unlike, Apple’s own
FaceTime video chat functionality in iPhone 4, i.e. free video calls only could be made between two iPhone 4-s only, with Fring you can make free video calls to any smart mobile on the earth which has Fring software loaded into it, and not alone to Apple iPhone 4 holders : )

Certainly for the ease of access and may be for the best audio and video quality reasons if your call receiver too is an iPhone 4 owner and is on WIFI network like you, than you should choose Apple’s own embryonic feature FACETIME video calling, as it comes handy with iOS 4 and gives you single tap video calling, even in-the mid of your audio conversation you can change to Facetime video calling on a single tap,

Fring’s latest VOIP App / software for iPhones is now upgraded in Apple's iTunes Store and this includes unlimited mobile video calling over iPhone 4 too, the iPhone 4 has two cameras and anybody can upload FRING on iPhone 4 to make free video calls over 3G cellular networks or over WIFI,

Now what we seek from the FRING is: the next BIG thing in mobile video calling is, Mobile VIDEO conferencing which could accommodate the multiple global callers around the world over WIFI or 3G cellular network and hope Apple too will do this on their FaceTime iOS 4 functionality soon or may some Apple Apps developer will do this for iOS 4 software which runs within Apple iPhone 4 right now,

Skype Mobile VOIP for Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4):

Skype too is in the process of making their own VOIP mobile App for Apple iOS 4 and for iPhone 4, and when it’s ready the iPhone 4 owners will have lots of choice for making free foreign video calls they can use Fring, FaceTime or Skype for free calling as Skype calling is free; Skype to Skype…

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