FaceTime Anywhere with Complete Strangers, Chatroulette Style : )

A free App: iChatr from SKJM has been surfaced in Apple iTune Stores which promises an unlimited FREE mobile video calling with strangers over iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 (over WIFI to WIFI) using Apple's indigenous FACE TIME technology, to anywhere, local or international...

What all you need is an Apple iPhone 4 (which comes with iOS 4 & Facetime), a WIFI connectivity, a headphone, and this free calling app loaded on your Apple iPhone 4,

Though Facetime comes preloaded on the Apple iPhone 4 and is a proprietary native in built app from Apple in iPhone 4, this gives an unlimited one tap video calling over WIFI in-between the two iPhone 4, but if you do not have persons or buddies to take your Face time video calls and you are getting bored than you can make the use of iChatr free app and make free Facetime video calling to the strangers worldwide, having the same device, Apple iPhone 4 just like you,

iChat RANDOM VIDEO CHAT App for iPhone 4 works like something similar to Chatroulette.com, which is web programme which joins random global strangers, together for a webcam session conversation, its free too,

Visitors are anytime free to leave the ongoing current chat just by initiating another random connection, with anther guy....According to the Wikipedia the Chatroulette website is the creation of a teen from Russia, Andrey Ternovskiy, Ternovskiy's concept arose from the video chats he was using with his friends on Skype VOIP,

But Apple's FACETIME along with international iChat capability could be dangerous for the kids, teens or for anyone as this could land them into live sex cam sessions, so beware using this...or use it under parental guidance!


Anonymous said...

what about if you haeve an ipod touch 4G, can you do it too?

kartikshradha said...

I use this app over ipod touch 4gen for making facetime video calls with stranger friends :


I had also featured this app on this Talkfree7 blog : )

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