Adobe-Flash-Time: P2P Video Call on Android

Apple Inc. had recently introduced its open source VOIP two way video calling telephony FACETIME for iOS 4 which currently works with iPhone 4 over VOIP!

Now Adobe proposes the FLASH-TIME (new beta feature of AIR 2.5 for Android) for Android devices and cell phones (Google's Nexus One etc) which promises P2P (peer to peer) video calling over Flash!

Fact(s) 1:

... Apple do not loves FLASH (Adobe's) technology, like Google does / Google has its own mobile operating system: ANDROID / Apple's latest mobile OS is iOS 4,

Fact 2:

... Google and Apple have the troubled relations too over the Nexus One (Google's Android phone),

It seems:

... that the Adobe (Flash) and Google (Android) joined their forces to create their own video calling presence against (perhaps) Apple's FaceTime app.?!

Watch this Flash-Time video at Vimeo,

Facetime or Flash-time would not run in the Tussle-time, let us hope?!


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