VOIP Online International Webinar: Free, Live, Real-Time Broadcast / Audio cast

Freebinar’s VOIP online webinar / conferencing or VOIP voice broadcasting service helps those who have a social network or some following and who wish to communicate or want to give a presentation to their loyal audience!

Freebinar is giving away the free VOIP audio broadcasting, thus one can call an unlimited number of meetings with up to 150 delegates or attendees per meeting, online, using the computer, laptop or tablet PC etc,

Its conducted over VOIP (internet calls like Skype), thus free all over the world (international / globally) and from anywhere to anywhere, where there is an internet connectivity,

Its risk free service and is ads supported, so this is 100% free for meetings, hosts and attendees….

No software has to be downloaded, no set up is needed, no credit card info is ever needed, this VOIP voice broadcasting includes conference calling for up to 150 listeners, and also permits for post webinar services and activities,

To use Freebinar VOIP technology anybody can use his PC, microphone and headset to initiate the audio conferencing / webinar, so no need of a phone or the phone conferencing,

The attendees or delegates have to log-on to the ongoing webinar using their internet browser, and they will be able to hear (listen-only mode) the live online webinar presentation, on their PC : )

Also in the USA, the Freebinar offers a free conference call number to all users, for relatively smaller online meetings, just check if it costs you a long distance charges, if any,

Remember that all the audio webinar either will be handled via a conference call or only via VoIP, not by both modes,

Freebinar has some most advanced webinar / conferencing features like: real time polling, text chat, Q&A session, an automated meeting invitations; registration management; post-webinar surveys etc…

They provides for your free custom logo branding on your webinars, forms etc, its easy, just give it a shot : )


JailBreaking / Unlocking - iPhone / Cell Phone is Ethical & Legal in USA

In a stunning ruling the US Government legalized the 'Jail Breaking' or unlocking or cracking of any Apple iPhone, cell phone for educational purposes, in the USA, its perfectly legal in the USA and nothing bad or unethical in it : )

Jail break your iPhone / cell phone and install the third party apps on it, it is legal and no Apple cops will hold you for doing this,

Jailbreaking is all different from hacking, and we know trying the hands to jailbreak an Apple iPhone (now iPhone 4 with iOS 4) seems to become a big cottage industry, where many people are involved : )

The logical sense behind the legalizing of jailbreaking or unlocking seems that iPhone is yours and not Apple's, thus similarly a mobile is yours, it is not of the company which sold it out to you!

Apple objected the move, they believe that running of unauthorized programmes or apps could lead the problems to its popular iPhone!

But PC world seems to be correct that even government approved jailbreaking will also not save the iPhone users : ( as there may be many things like a void warranty by Apple if you jailbreak your iPhone! Ooops...

So never 'eat'(jailbreak) an 'Apple' (iPhone), it could be 'bad' for your health :(


Free Samsung Galaxy S For iPhone 4 Frustrates!

Viral marketing has reached to a new height where there ethics seems to be placed on the borderline?!

Twitter, FaceBook are social web 2.0 properties and helps a lot in the online viral marketing strategy!

Apple's is already giving away free Bumper to iPhone 4 owners and now reportedly the Samsung UK is trying to encash the iPhone 4 sufferers (antenna gate issue) and has offered a free Samsung Galaxy S to the sufferers of Apple's iPhone 4 who are seeing iPhone 4 rather a trouble for themselves!

To claim a brand new Free Samsung Galaxy S mobile device the iPhone 4 sufferer has to make a tweet @samsungukmobile and have to contact them with details, note, only few handsets are left or may have been exhausted when you tweet and contact them, so check if you wish : )

After Apple's open tussle with Nokia, RIM, HTC this is an blow by Samsung on the Apple product iPhone 4 which is believed to be the best till date : )

CNN confirms that the 'deal' is official as confirmed by SAMSUNG : (

We have to get the motive of Samsung UK?! Are they really want to and helping iPhone 4 sufferers? Or they just 'marketing' their product on the peril of iPhone 4 signals issue, or they are making a mockery of the Apple iPhone 4?! What do you think, dear Talkfree7 readers?

Facetime: How to know who is now WIFI-Online? And make Video Voicemail

Apple’s open software for making WIFI video calls in between the two iPhone 4 (iOS 4) is known as FACE-TIME,

Facetime calling currently works only on WIFI networks, thus it is free to make unlimited video calls as WIFI routes the voice calls (into digital packets) over the internet which is known as VOIP or voice over internet protocol, thus WIFI calling is free and unlimited, anywhere to anywhere, overseas, local or long distance,

FaceTime magically even works from an Airplane,....... from a ship in deep Pacific ocean over satellite data & WIFI network, it also works over MIFI / wireless overdrive 3G / 4G mobile hotspot, it also works in between two nations or in-between international boundaries : )

The problem lies how will you get to know that whom of your contact is currently on WIFI and who is available for a video chat? to make him enable for a FACETIME video chatting session?

Here is an app meant for Apple’s FaceTime, its called FacePlant which is designed for this very reason which tells and push notifies you when you receive a video message it also tells you the status of your friend(s) which are currently present on a WIFI network, and thus you could make a voice, video call to them,

But FacePlant for FaceTime only works when this app is installed on both end or on both of the iPhone 4s which are ought to make a video voice calling session!

iPhone 4 has iOS 4 which supports background VOIP and multitasking thus FacePlant too runs in the background, just open FacePlant app and forget, when your iPhone 4 contacts wishes to make a FaceTime session with you, you will than get a ‘ping’, like on a normal FACETIME video call …


Skype Fuels Apple iPhone 4 Multitasking; Free 3G Calling

Skype’s updated iPhone VOIP free app now supports iOS 4 / Apple iPhone 4 and its background VOIP and multitasking operations,

Also there is no additional charges to make an iPhone Skype call over a 3G network : ) Happy?!


Skype Click & Call Advertising Revenue System

Skype the VOIP’s unmatched brand leader has initiated (with Marchex in USA, Canada and Western Europe) its click and call service for its advertisers (pay-per-call ads), where millions of Skypers would be able to call some certain phone numbers FOR FREE (also you might know that Skype to Skype calls are always free) as they would be ‘sponsored’ or paid by advertisers,

The ‘participating advertisers’ phone numbers will get highlighted in a Skype’s blue Free Call button, when their phone numbers are displayed online,

When the customer will click (business to consumer) on the Skype blue button, than Skype VOIP software will initiate the call and it will connect to that phone number for free, the caller or customer has nothing to pay and advertiser will get their customer, it would give better access to the advertisers as they have a direct and live voice interaction with their prospective buyers!

Ease of access is the name of the game, as netizens are rather lazy, they only do the things which are visible to them, rather than to dig them of the www, so it will prove to be a boon for Skype revenue and for its advertisers too,

This is rather an old model of advertising, Google already did it before Skype, where it connects the buyer with the seller on a click of mouse to the phone number and customer has nothing to pay : )


Adobe-Flash-Time: P2P Video Call on Android

Apple Inc. had recently introduced its open source VOIP two way video calling telephony FACETIME for iOS 4 which currently works with iPhone 4 over VOIP!

Now Adobe proposes the FLASH-TIME (new beta feature of AIR 2.5 for Android) for Android devices and cell phones (Google's Nexus One etc) which promises P2P (peer to peer) video calling over Flash!

Fact(s) 1:

... Apple do not loves FLASH (Adobe's) technology, like Google does / Google has its own mobile operating system: ANDROID / Apple's latest mobile OS is iOS 4,

Fact 2:

... Google and Apple have the troubled relations too over the Nexus One (Google's Android phone),

It seems:

... that the Adobe (Flash) and Google (Android) joined their forces to create their own video calling presence against (perhaps) Apple's FaceTime app.?!

Watch this Flash-Time video at Vimeo,

Facetime or Flash-time would not run in the Tussle-time, let us hope?!


FaceTime International Call: High Seas - Land - Air Free Nexus

FaceTime is an open source VOIP calling platform from Apple Inc., it works currently over iPhone 4 (iOS 4) and one can make an unlimited free voice or video cellular calls from anywhere to anywhere (no PC required), but two conditions are there:

FaceTime calls are currently only WIFI to WIFI, they are international and to better say FaceTime calling is trans international which sans physical boundaries in nature and could be done from anywhere to anywhere,

FaceTime calls currently only in-between iPhone 4 to iPhone 4,

But if you want to make a call from iPhone 4 to Android or Symbian 60, Nokia smart handset than you should use FRING mobile VOIP app for your iPhone, it works iPhone 4 to above mentioned OS, but currently Fring do not support SKYPE as it supports previously,

Fring VOIP app for iPhone also works over a 3G network and also on a WIFI network,

But call quality, video etc is good for FACETIME app over iPhone 4 and Fring lags behind,

You know that you can make FACETIME video calling from an airplane to land, and yes it works seamlessly : ) wow!!!

FaceTime calls even could be done from India and from such countries where there Apple iPhone 4 has yet to be launched : )

In the coming months FaceTime video calling is coming over future Apple’s iPad and iPod Touch, where it will work over Apple’ FaceTime ID or your email address as these both iGadgets do not have a phone number,

FaceTime video calling helps the deaf people to communicate using ZVRS powered calls,

Now the latest is that FACETIME overseas video calls worked from deep high seas (Pacific ocean) from a boat (using satellite data over WIFI) to the land (Earth) too, its great, technology and especially by Apple is demonstrating its best talent right now, Facetime works on a moving plane, it also works on international waters, my God : )

So if you have an Apple iPhone 4 and you wish to make a FaceTime video conversation than this Apple gadget promises a High Seas – Land – Air nexus, simply a smooth connectivity! Just try it, it works wonder…

And yes remember one thing, how Facetime WIFI video calling works anywhere?! Appleinsider suggests that to initiate a free Facetime video call conference between two Apple iPhone 4s and WIFIs, you DO NOT always need to be connected with any mobile service provider...

Receive FaceTime Call after Porting a Number, How To?

FaceTime is a native, open source and an embedded app on Apple iPhone 4 (iOs 4) to make one tap, free and an unlimited WIFI video chatting, the rumours are that FACETIME will soon surface on new iPod Touch, iPad with a digital camera : ) so stay tuned to this TALKFREE7 VOIP blog,

.. So what will happen if you had ported your phone number from any foreign carrier to the Apple’s iPhone 4 (AT&T) and want to make a FACETIME free video call?

You may land into any of these troubles:

• You will try to make a Facetime video call, but your phone number will be displayed as NOT your number,

• The other guys would find it tough or would be unable to make a FACETIME call session with you : (

Now what is the quickest solution?

Well this lies here

Good Luck!!!

FaceTime Troubleshoot: Behind Firewall Call, How To?

Apple's recently launched unlimited free FACETIME (an open source software) video WIFI calling over iPhone 4 (iOS 4) could be done, evading the firewalls if they are blocking or hindering you from your home network,

But the million dollar question is how to make the FACETIME calling over a firewall block and get it over the router’s prophylactic layer?

Here is an explanation, Apple support explains that for many WiFi networks, the Apple's FaceTime iPhone 4 free video chatting works fine,

… It still works, anyways, if anybody is on a WiFi network … which is behind a firewall!


Nokia, HTC, RIM: We are NOT an Apple, Do not ‘eat’ us : )

Nokia, HTC and RIM-Blackberry defended themselves over Apple Inc’s, Steve Jobs statement that any smart phone could have the such antenna or reception problems, (Steve’s statement came in the wake of faulty antenna and reception issue over newly launched Apple’s iPhone 4 (iOS 4),

Apple did specifically quoted RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 as an example, resulting, the sharp criticism by RIM and also by Nokia and HTC too,

Now Apple claims that Nokia's N97 Mini also has signal issue : )

Now-a-days it seems, it’s a trend that biggies do make 'war of words' or a fight, like

Everybody wants seems to deface and defame others but what the signals are going to the public in general, nobody has a time to think perhaps, who cares?!

Video Call on Go, Fun & Free with: FaceTime, Fring, Skype, Qik..VOIP

We are living in the very age of communication, where telegraph, telephony & technology have been evolved from Alexander Graham Bell's historic world’s first voice phone call (Alexander Graham Bell spoken these famous first words, "Mr. Watson -- come here -- I want to see you") to most of the smart cellular or mobile phones which promises the free, live streaming, real time, video call on the go!

To make a video call on the go, we need at least two things:

1. A video calling, hardware device or the cell phone,

2. A video calling, compatible software…

There are many smart mobiles and handsets are available all around in the market which provides for video calling option, they range from Symbian, Android, iOS 4 and such…

So have a glance on some of the compatible video calling applications (apps) or software to make a video call on the go,

Apple iPhone 4: FACETIME

One can make an UNLIMITED FREE FACETIME (a newly introduced video call concept from Apple Inc. on its mobile operating system iOS 4, currently works on iPhone 4, no PC or webcam needed) calls anywhere to anywhere video calls even on the board on an AIRPLANE with its WIFI on (like using GOGO on American airlines planes) an on airplane mode with iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 (iOS 4), yes this works : )

FaceTime is amazing thing, it will change the future of the mobile video conversation in the coming months, there will be gadgets embedded with FACE TIME functionality all there,

The best thing of the FACETIME video calls is they are simple, easy, free and nothing to install or download, they goes on a single tap of a button…

Face Time free video chatting works beyond AT&T, beyond USA and even beyond the Earth, people are here who had made Facetime calling from on-board from an airplane,

iPhone 4 Facetime calling even works from INDIA, its surprising to me as INDIA still is in the waiting as Apple has to launch iPhone 4 officially there, no launch there, till date : (

FaceTime on iPad, iPod Touch

There are VERY strong rumours (rather indications) all around in the tech blogosphere that Apple’s future iPad and iPod Touch too soon would have the digital front cam with FACETIME video calling functionality so than one can make free unlimited local, overseas or anywhere video calling in-between the iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch…

iPad, iPod Touch are NOT the phone, so they do not have a phone number thus they will use your email ID to make free FACETIME video calls,

You know, that an Apple gadget is registered with the users’ Apple ID, so Apple will permit that email address to make FACETIME VOIP video calls,

FACETIME push messaging

Apple Inc. plans are vast, they are making FACETIME the next gen necessity for the future, thus an instant push message over FaceTime too may come,

How a Greek artists is earning money using Apple’s FaceTime, thanks to his skills


Fring is rather a new start-up from Israel, they provides for the apps for smart mobile to make free local or international calls over WIFI or 3G cellular routes using FRING to FRING on the both ends,

Fring is the first to introduced the mobile video calling and mobile group video call with upto 4 guys, in the world, their video calling app in Apple iTunes store even is one step ahead of Apple's own FACETIME for iPhone 4, Fring iPhone 4 app provides 2-way free unlimited video calls over 3G or WIFI to any smart mobile like Symbian S60, Nokia, Android, iPhone etc, though Apple's FACETIME only provides video calls over WIFI only not on 3G right now and FACETIME supports only iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 video calls,

Few days back Fring had a 'tug of war' or rather head to head collision with world VOIP leader Skype and the result is that now we can NOT use Skype calls over FRING app, earlier it was too free from smart mobiles, but gone are the days, Fring to Skype is a dream now : (

Fring to Fring worldwide smart video calling has now grown to approx 200,000+ a day now : )


Who do not know the world leaders SKYPE the VOIP, established by Estonians and is an E-Bay company Skype is #1 VOIP provider in audio or video calling across the borders, Skype is the heartbeat of many many in the world, in the virtual world at least the two things are most popular and they are GOOGLE & SKYPE which world people do daily!

Skype is very simple to use and a non tech-y or your Grandma can use it to make video calling with NO help at all,

Skype has no limits and, its world class, they are P2P and their video calling is superb, Skype is always free when it’s done: SKYPE to SKYPE! No fine prints, no doubts when it’s Skype, the VOIP!!!

After Skype & Fring tussle, till date, the US guys have only remain but one option to make Skype VIDEO calls on the go, that is only using it via smart Nokia N-900, in USA, Nokia N900 works over 3G & WiFi, and ONLY supports T-Mobile's 3G data network, not AT&T network,

Nokia N900 works on Maemo 5 which is an official Skype app, developed jointly by Nokia and Skype,

Skype has some special gadgets or phones too to make video call (or Skype to Skype unlimited free overseas video or audio call conference) like


QIK (acquired by Skype) is an another video calling social networking platform which provides stream of live video calls,

USA's first 4G Android cell phone is HTC-EVO 4G by Sprint Nextel and using QIK software on it one can have lots of fun and video chatting,

Also you can use Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4) over QIK LIVE to make videos and could share with your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs on the go...

Paul Octopus App for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Paul is a real world's little living intelligent being and a smart British born Octopus, which resides at an aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany,

He earned the name and the fame during the world cup football: FIFA 2010 held in South Africa,

Amazingly or surprisingly he 'predicted' correct the outcome for each and every match for FIFA 2010!

'Psychic' Paul the Octopus soon became the national (or rather international) hero or a FIFA star when Spain lifted the FIFA world cup 2010 defeating the Netherlands and this too was predicted by him 100% accurate!

Now a Brazilian iPhone app developer had created an app "Ask the Octopus Oracle" having the Paul Octopus, it's a fun app which costs one time download for USD 0.99 and can randomly choose / predict in-between the two given options!

This Paul Octopus app is iOS 4 tested, hence you may try it on your latest iPhone 4 too : )

Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Applications (Apps) Designing:

Designing the apps for Apple gadgets viz. iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch is a billion dollar industry now, till date there are approx 2,25,000 apps in iTunes store ranging from free to paid,

The Apple Inc. pays 70% share to the App designer and retains 30%, the people from all over the world are earning nice income from here like Google Adsense or Ads by Google which pays for its ads, the Apple apps are the lifeline for the Apple products without which they are nothing more than like a paperweights!

Thanks to the wonderful apps creators and the apps developers for all of us…

iPhone on Mobile WiFiMIGO Modem = FREE VOIP UK Roaming and Calling

Going abroad (to UK), and wish to use your own cell phone / Apple iPhone there but to avoid hefty international roaming on your mobile? OK, here comes FONMIGO for your Britain’s roaming needs, it cuts your roaming charges in UK and you can travel there with your peace of mind, there are no contracts, its a pre-paid service, so no worry for bills,

FONMIGO is a US company, which is provides rent-a-phone / Mobile WIFIMIGO modem (or Novatel's MIFI type wireless router) service in UK,

This eliminates the hefty international bills on UK roaming, Fonmigo provides and rents local UK smart mobile phones / mobile Wi-Fi modems / routers to the travelers in the USA thus this enables the USA travelers to become truly mobile within UK and just they have to pay for the local charges,

…If your hotel or your stay place have a free WIFI availability than use your iPhone over WIFI, if not than use FONMIGO's Mobile WIFI anywhere in the UK,

Yes, its a mobile WIFI solution on the go in UK (Intelligent Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot), Fomingo provides a small device which easily can fit in your pocket, (this device is branded as 'MIFI' by Novatel in USA), this creates a virtual private WIFI network for you on the go, by routing the 3G cellular signals into the WIFI signals, and thus you can use your iPhone over WIFI to make calls,

3 mobile in UK also sells this similar broadband on the go mobile WIFI device,

Now block the cellular network on your iPhone, just use it in airplane mode, it will stop the 3G cellular network, now feel free to use WIFI network in UK which have the ZERO roaming charges, just using an iPod touch. You can access internet for free now and make VOIP calls over the iPhone for free, local or international,

If you have your Apple iPhone while in UK and wish to zero the roaming cost than you always can use WIFI to WIFI VOIP calls,

Like use SKYPE VOIP calls app {download it free from Apple iTunes store, its free over WIFI and Skype to Skype calls are always free for all,

If you have Apple iPhone 4 than use Apple’s native in-built app FACETIME to make video calls over WIFI and only to other iPhone 4 users,

If you want to use audio-only calls over iPhone 4 than with its multitasking capability you can do so, just open any other app on it and Facetime’s video calls will go itself in the background and you can continue with the free FACETIME audio calls over WIFI,

You may also download Fring mobile VOIP app on your iPhone 4 and use your iPhone 4 to call any smart phone over WIFI in the world having Android, Symbian 60, Nokia etc, Fring app is not just limited to iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, it also works on 3G cell network unlike FACETIME,

You know, a rule of thumb that WIFI to WIFI calls are always free from anywhere to anywhere in the world, always as they routes using the VOIP or internet,

You may also love to use Truphone app on your iPhone to make free WIFI to WIFI worldwide calling…possibilities are endless, just bookmark, share and subscribe this blog : )

Skype bans Fring? VOIP War Begins?!

Skype bans Fring
Skype bans Fring
Really shocking and sad too that two world class global VOIP providers seems to be at loggerheads!

Why Skype v/s. Fring:

Yesterday Fring ‘blocked’ (for temporarily) Skype calls of its app due to its ‘network stress’, today Skype blocked Fring!

Skype says: Fring is lying! And for Fring, Skype is cowards! Oh my God!

But what is the reality behind this war of words in-between Fring and Skype, the global VOIP leaders and brands? Who blocked who?

I am convinced with Andy's clear cut opinion, he seems to be very clear over the issue:

"...My sources tell me that Skype has neither "blocked fring" nor asked them to pull their support for Skype. This is slightly different than what Frings' angle to the story is..." (read full story)

What will happen to the crusade for a global and open communication?!


FaceTime Stream is Encrypted: Apple Inc.

Many (VERY serious) rumours & allegations are in the air regarding the AT&T and Apple's latest endeavour iPhone 4's (the handheld gadget with iOS 4) one tap-local or international video chat functionality (coined as FACETIME!) and the people's privacy,

The rumours or allegations are like this:

"…not only are iPhone 4 calls made via FaceTime unencrypted, but that iOS 4 sends details of every FaceTime call back to Apple’s mother ship in Cupertino"

see another:

“In iOS 4 there is a line of code which they wrote that sends OTA (Over the Air) updates to the user every 7-14 days which detects and locks the system if it is not using AT&T network. Also AT&T and Apple have 6 months worth of OTA updates in their server which “Alpha” himself checked.”

According to ZDNET, the Apple Inc. has reacted to these rumours circulating in-between the iPhone 4 lovers, blogosphere and the tech world, and defends its open source software FACETIME by stating that:

"The site you mention is alleging that FaceTime is sending user names and locations back to Cupertino after each FaceTime call. That is incorrect.”

Apple creates a unique ID for each Face Time user, ensuring FaceTime calls are routed and connected properly. No other user information is stored for FaceTime and Apple cannot retrieve the data for any other purpose (it is stored in a hash format). No location information is ever used or stored during FaceTime registration or a FaceTime conversation.

Additionally, the entire FaceTime conversation stream itself is encrypted"...

Apple Inc. seems to be reeling through the TOUGH TIME (not the FACE TIME) these days: above allegations & rumours, monopoly abuse class action, antenna and signalling issues in iPhone 4, defective time capsules, giants Apple-Google tussle (or better iPhone-Android tussle…) etc….


Do you know that to make free Facetime video calls between Apple iPhone 4s and WIFIs, you do NOT always need to be connected with any mobile service provider...

iPhone 4 Tips and Tricks (iPhone 4 is claimed to be the “thinnest smartphone on the planet” by Steve Jobs)

FaceTime Anywhere with Complete Strangers, Chatroulette Style : )

A free App: iChatr from SKJM has been surfaced in Apple iTune Stores which promises an unlimited FREE mobile video calling with strangers over iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 (over WIFI to WIFI) using Apple's indigenous FACE TIME technology, to anywhere, local or international...

What all you need is an Apple iPhone 4 (which comes with iOS 4 & Facetime), a WIFI connectivity, a headphone, and this free calling app loaded on your Apple iPhone 4,

Though Facetime comes preloaded on the Apple iPhone 4 and is a proprietary native in built app from Apple in iPhone 4, this gives an unlimited one tap video calling over WIFI in-between the two iPhone 4, but if you do not have persons or buddies to take your Face time video calls and you are getting bored than you can make the use of iChatr free app and make free Facetime video calling to the strangers worldwide, having the same device, Apple iPhone 4 just like you,

iChat RANDOM VIDEO CHAT App for iPhone 4 works like something similar to Chatroulette.com, which is web programme which joins random global strangers, together for a webcam session conversation, its free too,

Visitors are anytime free to leave the ongoing current chat just by initiating another random connection, with anther guy....According to the Wikipedia the Chatroulette website is the creation of a teen from Russia, Andrey Ternovskiy, Ternovskiy's concept arose from the video chats he was using with his friends on Skype VOIP,

But Apple's FACETIME along with international iChat capability could be dangerous for the kids, teens or for anyone as this could land them into live sex cam sessions, so beware using this...or use it under parental guidance!

iPhone 4 Video Call Mania caused Fring to pause Skype

Fring from Israel, the VOIP apps provider for smart cellular phones just introduced its most awaited two-way mobile video unlimited free calling over WIFI and 3G for iPhone or rather to make 2-way video calls over Apple iPhone 4 (with iOS 4) and with Fring app over it,

With Fring over iPhone 4 anybody can make free calling in-between any iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 (like with Apple’s own native calling embedded app FaceTime) and ALSO to any smart cell phone having Fring, wither it is Symbian S60 Nokia, Android, iPhone or so : )

So Fring App available for free in the Apple iTunes store seems to have the better features than Apple's own native FACETIME free WIFI video calling software here I am talking of the 'features' and not the quality, certainly as FACETIME is Apple’s own native free video call software (an open source software for mobile video calling) which comes as pre-embedded in the iPhone 4 right now, certainly has better call quality reception with picture quality, but its limited to calling in-between two iPhone 4-s, and with Fring mobile VOIP app on iPhone 4 one can make video call to multiple operating systems or mobile platforms like to any smart mobile having Android, Symbian S-60, iPhone or so...

Also FACETIME calls are possible only over WIFI to WIFI though Fring permits to make video calls over WIFI and 3G cellular networks both : )

Fring was the very first in the world to introduced the mobile video calling : )

... But this new iPhone 4 software by Fring caused a huge worldwide stir and perhaps people called too much with videos, thus caused Fring's network on an stress issue thus Fring has to 'PAUSE' the third party Skype mobile calling from its platform for the time being to save its network from an undue ‘stress’...


Free WIFI Skype Access for FIFA Finale 2010

Sunday, the July 11th, 2010 is a D'Day in the history of South Africa Football world cup FIFA 2010, the grand finale between Spain and Netherlands is rather a 'war' between the two European nations in the South African football stadium!

A 'psychic' German Octopus named as PAUL is making whole of the world like insane! Paul the Octopus foretold about the winning of Spain, Huh! Whole of the world seems to be cranky and in superstitions?!

...Anyways, the VOIP global brand SKYPE is giving away its SKYPE Access (WIFI) for free for whole of the Sunday on and around 100,000 worldwide hotspots so the Skypers can enjoy free worldwide and unlimited Skype calling & surfing over free WIFI hotspots....

It is a nice gift indeed from Skype the broadband internet calls provider company from Estonia held by EBay!

We Thank You Skype!

… Previously in a unique promo, for a full one month Skype presented free landline / mobile calls to the nations which played in FIFA 2010 world cup football,

No fine prints here, when its Skype, better read the official words from Skype team:

"From 0001 GMT to 2359 GMT on Sunday 11 July 2010, Skype Access will be free to use, so you can surf the web, send email and make free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls at over 100,000 WiFi hotspots in cafés, hotels and airports worldwide."

Augmented Reality App for iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch

Augmented Reality according to the Wikipedia:

"Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality."

In more simple terms we can understand the Augmented Reality, the wonder technology is as:

It’s like to pulling out of the graphics or such things out of the TV screen or from a PC screen, than make them display & integrates into the real world environments!

This is rather a new and wonderful technology which is still evolving, and is known as augmented reality, this combines the real world with the virtual one!

Augmented Reality is beyond the location based service and tries to erase the thin line of demarcation between the Real & Computer generated things (virtual reality) just by enhancing the things like what we sense, feel, hear, see, or smell,

What the Augmented Reality (AR) do is:

• It adds the real with the virtual,

• This is interactive and Live in the real time,

• AR plays in 3Dimension (3D)...

A leading Augmented Reality technology German company, the Metaio has launched their Unifeye Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) 2.1 for Apple iPhone, and the JUNAIO App ( AR browser) is free to download from Apple iTunes App Store,

JUNAIO is a augmented reality browser or a free application for Apple platform including for iOS 4, it permits the users to flip the multi channels like: games, shopping, recipes, news, travel, or just browsing for the information nearby just by pointing the Apple iPhone ...

Apple's new iOS 4 and the new live camera data / API access + gyroscope gaming motion sensor technology on the iPhone 4 has now made it easy to play with real time augmented reality on various PDAs, smart cell phones etc,


LEGO DIGITAL BOX - augmented reality kiosk system: on YouTube


Qualcomm unveils augmented reality platform for Google Android phones
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FaceTime: Free Fring for iPhone 4 over 3G, WIFI and Make International Video Calls to Any Mobile not only to iPhone 4

iPhone 4 (having iOS 4 and multitasking): Make unlimited, international, Free face to face, 2-way VIDEO calls over WIFI or a 3G cellular network … Also you can make these mobile VIDEO calls from iPhone 4 to ANY smart mobile in the world having FRING mobile VOIP software,

Fring is an award wining and FREE VOIP calls making software for smart mobiles from Fring.com which is based in Israel,

They specializes in mobile social networking: Skype-ing, Twitter, Free unlimited local, national, long distance or international calls over WIFI or 3G cellular networks which includes the mobile VIDEO calling too,

Fring mobile VOIP app works with Windows mobile OS or Android (Droid) platform or Symbian like Nokia’s, Apple iPhone and the latest entry to the smart mobile OS is iOS 4 which currently comes with Apple iPhone 4…

Fring is better (for at least two reasons) than Apple’s own one tap FaceTime video calling which comes embedded native in iPhone 4,

1. You are NOT limited only to the WIFI networks (Fring works over 3G cellular networks too) and,

2. Unlike, Apple’s own
FaceTime video chat functionality in iPhone 4, i.e. free video calls only could be made between two iPhone 4-s only, with Fring you can make free video calls to any smart mobile on the earth which has Fring software loaded into it, and not alone to Apple iPhone 4 holders : )

Certainly for the ease of access and may be for the best audio and video quality reasons if your call receiver too is an iPhone 4 owner and is on WIFI network like you, than you should choose Apple’s own embryonic feature FACETIME video calling, as it comes handy with iOS 4 and gives you single tap video calling, even in-the mid of your audio conversation you can change to Facetime video calling on a single tap,

Fring’s latest VOIP App / software for iPhones is now upgraded in Apple's iTunes Store and this includes unlimited mobile video calling over iPhone 4 too, the iPhone 4 has two cameras and anybody can upload FRING on iPhone 4 to make free video calls over 3G cellular networks or over WIFI,

Now what we seek from the FRING is: the next BIG thing in mobile video calling is, Mobile VIDEO conferencing which could accommodate the multiple global callers around the world over WIFI or 3G cellular network and hope Apple too will do this on their FaceTime iOS 4 functionality soon or may some Apple Apps developer will do this for iOS 4 software which runs within Apple iPhone 4 right now,

Skype Mobile VOIP for Apple iPhone 4 (iOS 4):

Skype too is in the process of making their own VOIP mobile App for Apple iOS 4 and for iPhone 4, and when it’s ready the iPhone 4 owners will have lots of choice for making free foreign video calls they can use Fring, FaceTime or Skype for free calling as Skype calling is free; Skype to Skype…

Mobile Banking: Deposit a Check using Apple iPhone, Banks Go Green

US Banks too are now going green (paperless banking) and are started allowing their customers to deposit a paper check / cheque using mobiles (Apple iPhone) now :

USAA Bank Check Deposit using iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch:

The customers of the USAA (United Services Automobile Association, a private bank and insurance company which serves mostly military personnel) are permitted to take the photograph or a scan both sides of the paper check > select the Bank account > enter the amount on the check > make it confirm...> transmit those images via an app > then void the check....

Even the bank customers do not need to mail the real paper check to the bank later as all of the depositing process is totally electronic!

Mashable reports such an another mobile banking app and its free service using Apple iPhone is by Chase: Quick Deposit, is a feature from JPMorgan Chase which lets its users to deposit a paper check using Apple's iPhone camera in a similar manner like of USAA above,

Transaction Limitations:

The customers are allowed to deposit a maximum of USD1,000 a day and USD3,000 per week using the mobile direct deposit app,

Paypal Mobile Banking app:

Designing the applications or the apps for Apple (iTunes store) iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad is the most hot business right now, people are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from creating apps for Apple...

... and there is yet another money transfer from iPhone free app from Paypal, (the world's leading money transfer online company), which is iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 4, iPad compatible too...just bump the app to transfer the Paypal money and cheers when you receive a mail: You have received the Paypal funds!!

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