Weirdest Cell Phones of the Past Decade

Mobile phones have changed drastically in the past ten years. Phones have been flooded with features that most of us never thought was possible.

Some of these "features" are still a little too strange for the general public.

The Mosquito Repellent Cell Phone

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Pantech's slider phone has all the usual functions and can also repel mosquitoes. It works as a sort of cell phone shield ( against mosquitoes by producing ultrasonic sounds. These sounds are obnoxious and this noisy phone could end up scaring away your friends as well.

The Biodegradable Phone

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Je-Hyun Kim designed the Natural Year Phone out of hay, grass and other eco-friendly materials. This phone automatically biodegrades after about two years, except for the screen and the soft keys. You can use the leftover pieces to create a new phone. It's a good idea and the phone looks cool, but its fragility makes it less than ideal.

The Cigarette Phone

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This phone comes from China. It looks like a real pack of cigarettes and even includes the warning labels. It doubles as a cigarette holder and can hold up to 10 cigarettes. It's a weird concept since cell phones already have their own hazards. This phone has its uses though. It comes equipped with a camera and no one would ever suspect that you were snapping pictures with your cigarette pack!

The Tiles Phone

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The Easy Tiles phone designed by Tzu-Fu Wang offers some extreme customization options. The entire exterior of the phone is made out of tiles that you assemble yourself. You can slide the tiles around and create a truly unique look. This mobile phone is definitely one way to stand out in the crowd.

The Coca-Cola Phone

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Chinese Developer Daizi Zheng has modified a Nokia phone to run on Coca-Cola and other sugary beverages. While no one was waiting for such an invention, it could be an eco-friendly alternative. The lithium-ion batteries that are used today in phones are not great for the environment. Zheng claims his phone runs four times as long as a battery-powered phone.

The Musical Instrument Phone

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Japanese carrier Japanese carrier KDDI and Yamaha have collaborated to create a phone that doubles as a musical instrument. Guitar, trumpet, piano and drums are all available. Musicians might enjoy being able to practice anywhere but it's unclear whether these phones are meant to really serve musicians or just be a novelty item.

Cell phone technology continues to progress. Developers are even working on a phone interface that would be tattooed to your arm and run on blood. Who knows what they will come up with next? ...

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