Virtually Free Call from US Phones to Skype Contacts from any Cellular / Landline

Call your overseas Skype contacts on go from USA, just for, SIX cents an hour or 1/10 cents a minute! It’s amazing…virtually free,

I just received a mail from ZENOFON President Baruch Herzfeld re this important update:

Zenofon, had, what they say: 'invented & added’ a new VOIP calling feature over mobile phones / landlines, this makes VOIP voice calling economical and useful,

…. Like adding your contacts (landline / mobile numbers) now with Zenofon you can also add your worldwide Skype contacts (Skype IDs), for which Zenofon will provide you a USA phone number which will forward to your Skype contact at a very low price, and this price is pretty low than that of making a call on his mobile or landline number,

You can make a call to him using a landline or mobile, its does not matter, even you do not need to have a Skype ID or account for making calls, just use Zenofon to make a call your local or international Skype contact,

Thus Zenofon to Skype is possible that’s too for very very cheap calling rates,

Cost of Zenofon new feature:

Unbelievable but it is just 1/10 of a cent minute, (virtually ZERO or nothing, so for calling a Skype number for 1 hour, it will cost you 6 cents), and this is the lowest number in Zenofon system,

Zenofon is doing this as a public service to its users & members because many of them requested for it, as they claim,

How to Skype ID add to Contacts List:

Well, like you add your Zenofon contact to your list, you can add a Skype ID: from your phone settings page > go to Zenofon phone book > click add a new contact > put the desired Skype ID as the contact's number > save > You will be than awarded a new US phone number which will forward to that person's Skype ID,

Zenofon claims that they have 'invented' this calling system and its very easy but still no other telecom company is using this useful technique to make virtually free Skype worldwide calling,

This is a new and just added feature and if you found any bugs, you may please contact Zenofon!

For now, Zenofon provides for 30 combined contacts list, but they say, that in the coming future, they will try to go up this number to 100, as they lack manpower right now and they are a start-up company,

As Talkfree7 VOIP Blog, dealt with them in the past, and had find them to be very honest and genuine telecom provider, they are thriving hard to give something valuable to the telecom world, our wishes are with them,

Something similar, the Skype too owes such programmes one of which is called as: SKYPEIN,

Do you have a SKYPEIN Online number?>>>

Also, another useful Skype service on the go is: Skype to Go, which currently is available only from 18 countries,

Skype to GO from ANY landline or mobile>>>

More details of Skype to Go ...

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