Streaming Live TV App for iPad, iPhone, Mac, iPod Touch, over WIFI or Internet

Hauppauge Digital Inc. (is a name in developing & manufacturing of TV tuners and personal PC components) has developed an app for live streaming TV on Apple iPad, iPhone mobile, iPod Touch gadgets over WIFI or 3G internet cellular networks,

Hauppauge Digital Inc.'s WinTV-HVR TV v.7.2 (WinTV Extend) tuner cards for PCs can stream live TV from the user's home over the internet to his Apple iPad, iPhone mobile, iPod touch, on any Apple Macintosh plus Windows 7 based PCs with a Safari Web browser,

WinTV Extend is a built-in Internet streaming server which routes your live TV signals and send them to your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC computer over a home WiFi connection or via the Internet, you should have a Safari browser, flash video player on your Apple iGadgets pointing towards your PC at your home,

The good thing is that with this WinTV-HVR TV tuner technology and with a WinTV Extend running on your PC at your home, and if you are a user of a supported Apple device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch etc) than you can be anywhere in this world and can always enjoy streaming live TV from your home, which is being aired over the Internet to your Apple igadgets' screen!

Technology is really going wild now : )

So wait for your wife to getting into sleep > login to your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch > be in your bed > enjoy streaming live TV channels or South Africa, FIFA world cup 2010 on ESPN with Apple app for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch,

This streaming live TV app (SDTV, HDTH with digital parental control) over Apple's gadgets is not free and comes for USD 9.95 and can be purchased from Hauppauge Inc.,

Remember, over the WIFI, this live streaming TV do not consumes any cell phone data but when WinTV Extend is used over cell phone network to stream videos it consumes an approximately 490 Mbytes per month for 10 hours of remote TV viewing, so check before you go…


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