SnagWars GPS App for iPAD, iPhone, iPod Touch for FIFA

FIFA world cup football 2010 addiction is ongoing in South Africa, and there are many apps and websites dedicated towards FIFA craziness,

Snagwars is a latest GPS app made for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch,

… May be you can be the very first to snag your home (by iPhone GPS, iPad etc), a sport centre, the football court, stadium or even the whole of the national highway with Cheers Messages and Cool Photos for your football team by Snag Wars,

This is the latest Geo-Tagging (GPS) iPhone App. available in Apple iTunes store available for a free download, thus this makes Snagwars the next gen land grabbing game, as they say it : )

Using Snagwars game app on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc one can snag and flag up for their favourite team or teams, whenever they are, so cheer up your teams and let them play harder,

Also every snagged square will now also show the national flag of your support nation...

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