Skype to Go is in South Africa, Slovenia, Greece, Hungry, Lithuania etc.

Skype to GO from ANY landline or mobile is also available now in South Africa, Slovenia, Greece, Hungry, Lithuania etc,

Skype to go is an innovative service of the Skype VOIP (phone to phone) right now in 18 countries, using this service one can make a cheap abroad or local Skype call on go to ANY phone (not Skype phone) with PAYG credit or an unlimited country plan or with a world plan, from ANY phone: any cellular or PSTN landline phone, no need of any expensive smart mobile,

Skype to go number right now is available only to make Skype calls on go from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Greece, Hungry, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia and South Africa, previously it was NOT available in all mentioned country like South Africa but now its available in 18 nations and others will come one by one, a day!

So from the above countries you can make a low cost Skype call on go to the world anywhere, anytime, just book a Skype to go number, buy some Skype credit and make low cost Skype VOIP calls from your cell phone or landline,

Skype to GO number is very useful for the students or any person residing or studying in the above mentioned countries, as they can get a Skype to go VOIP number and buy some Skype credit or go for a specific country plan to make unlimited international calls from any cell phone or any landline on go : )

The 19th FIFA world cup 2010, football matches are scheduled in South Africa, so if you are leaving for the South Africa, just do not forget to have a Skype to go number from there and with an unlimited country plan to your native nation to make unlimited very cheap calls from your mobile phone on go, its matter of an ease of access, comfort and pricing!


If you are in a roaming country, than to avoid a heavy international roaming fees, just call your Skype To Go number ONLY from a phone which is registered to the country that you are calling from, as to make a call to your SKYPE TO GO number attracts a local call charge!

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