Play Solitaire on Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch: Apps in iTunes Store

The game of cards: the Solitaire and Spider Solitaire comes by default on Windows OS, but you can also play this card game on your apple iPad tablet PC device,

Solitaire City Lite:

This is a FREE app in iTunes to play the Solitaire on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Solitaire is a popular game of cards which is generally played by every guy worldwide as it comes by default with Windows, play it free on iPad, and also listen to iTunes music while playing the game,

The Solitaire:

Another free game app for Apple iPad, feel and touch your digital cards and enjoy your Solitaire moves,

Mondo Solitaire App for iPad:

This is a USD 9.99 app for playing the Solitaire cards game on Apple iPad

Slate Soiltaire:

Available in apple iTunes store for USD 1.99, specifically made for iPad gaming...

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