Make VOIP Call from Blocked VOIP Nations: UAE, Kuwait / Ooma & VOIP Apps for iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch

Ooma VOIP App for Apple devices:

Ooma home phone technology provides for free calling within the US and also the significant cheap international calls! Ooma now has an app in Apple iTunes store to be downloaded on iPad, iPhone 4 (iOs 4 tested), iPod Touch,

Ooma cell phone calling app connects you with internet, thus permits you to make cheap to free VOIP calls over 3G or WIFI, they say that their software compresses the actual audio of the voice call, thus reducing the amount of data used by approx. up to 60%,

Ooma Mobile app comes for USD 9.99, by using Ooma Mobile app, within US calls starts at 1.9 cents a minute and the low cost call as applicable for international calls,

PointsPhone Cell Phonee VOIP App for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch:

PointsPhone is a free VOIP app, using this app one can make cheap or economical overseas calling from mobile (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad). Their web is: (this is rather a new VOIP company), just create an account to start making cheap VOIP calling with this app...

PointsPhone VOIP app provides for DID and virtual numbers, call forwarding, call back, SIP calling, it passes through VOIP blockades, it connects via WIFI, 3G, GPRS, EDGE, SMS, Voice mail

This VOIP claims that there VOIP blockade tunnel technology decreases the bandwidth usage, also this improves voice quality, where internet connectivity is weak,

THE BEST thing is this tunnel technology enables communication in every scenerio, i.e. this app is able to make and receive low cost VOIP calls from VOIP blocked nations like from UAE (Dubai, Gulf), Kuwait etc. as they claims...

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