Nokia-C Dual SIM & Double SIM Mobile, they Are Not the Same

In an interesting and useful post, cell phone handset maker and giant Nokia clarified about its just launched Dual-Double SIM (GSM) Nokia mobile, C series 1-00 and 2-00 mobiles,

The difference is in the words: Double & Dual, and thus is the difference in the Nokia C series handsets! The difference is of 'timing' and the ease of access!!!

Purpose of Nokia C 1-00 DOUBLE SIM mobile is to use two SIMS in one single handset and using any one SIM at a time according to the needs and per convenience, when one SIM is active, the other is not : )

But slightly different the purpose of DUAL SIM Nokia C 2-00 is to have 2 working SIM in one single handset simultaneously and both are ready to receive or make a call, when it comes or when you wish to make an outgoing call,

Thank you! NOKIA of Finland, its a useful info for many and perhaps all of us,

Enjoy the Dual and Double SIM Nokia C series mobile devices!

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