iPad Apps: Camera & Photo Transfer App

Here is an another collection of some cool Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch apps available in Apple iTune store for a download,

By default, the iPad don’t have the camera functionality, thanks to Steve Jobs : )

But they who wish to have the camera functionality on their tablet PC can download this app for 0.99 $ and your Apple iPad will add the cam of its own : )

It works as: this camera app adds wirelessly, it connects your iPhone with your iPad or iPod touch and thus it adds the camera from one to the other seamlessly,

Its technology, and its wonder, than thereafter your cam is ready, start the camera for iPad / iPod Touch on both the devices, they both are smart and will track and find each other, than the ipad will show all that your iPhone's camera is viewing!

It works o WIFI and Bluetooth, no wires hassles, this camera app has flash and mirror modes too,

After adding the apple iPad cam you may love to transfer photos with this cool iPad photo transfer app for USD 2.99

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