iPad App: iZones – Manage Call Conference in Different Time Zones

The complexities of different world time zones, made easy & at a glance:
Thanks to PadGadget for showing such a wonderful app for Apple iPad (costs USD0.99, category: utilities) known as - iZones!
This Apple exclusive iPad app iZones in Apple iTunes store makes the abroad conference calling easy and manageable from any place, as when you have to make a conference call which involves many nations or continents, you might have to aware of their time zones and comfort level too, than iZone for Apple iPad app helps a lot,
This Apple app includes 80+ World Time Zones to be choosen from, the good thing is that they are all pre-set to their respective times (which includes daylight / summer savings, DST time), by just seeing you can know the time anywhere in comparison to your place or country time zone!
Thus iZones apple app saves your time and energy from knowing, when one area comes into DST and/or if other area even uses DST or not,
iZones for iPad time zone app's nice visuals makes it fun to know what is the day or time this is in any country, in comparison to your own current time zone (after all we always tend to compare the things with our own na...),
When you have to make the business or a conference calling or international travel or just globe trotting for fun or so you easily can coordinate & manage your time settings in relation to other countries or places on the globe, you can also set here a future or a past time settings,
iZones iPad app though could never save you from actual Jetlag which happens during a flight crossing different time zones, but certainly it could help you planning a better international travel or making phone calls to the other time zones or such international things which involves time in various time zones,
iPad app, iZones is developed by JBMJBM, LLC, this time zones app has some nice graphics and a overall good looking interface, this could be really useful Apple app for a user who wish to surf or navigate all or many different time zones on the Earth,
...Last but not the least, the customer testimonials for this (till date) on iTunes store are not encouraging and they seems to be rather unsatisfied, but this may NOT stop us to use or check it, everybody has its own tastes and requirements : )
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