iOS 4 Arrives: For iPad iOS 4

Apple Inc. latest mobile OS the iOS 4 arrives today at summer solstice to upgrade the OS on existing iPhone and iPod Touch, its iPad version (iOS 3.2) will be not ready till September 2010,

Apple's new release iOS 4 seems to be revolutionizing the smart mobile world and people feels that Google's Android, Nokia's Symbian etc are at the stake,

With Facetime WIFI unlimited and free video calling (iPhone 4 to iPhone 4) is coming and iPhone 4 will have this very iOS 4, this Apple's OS is sure to be a big hit (a few of the features are exclusive and thus limited only to iPhone 4 - like FaceTime video calling),

Apple iOS 4 will have lots of new features including multitasking (like browsing net while talking on a SKYPE call), free WIFI worldwide video calling, and its competitors are preparing themselves now to remain in the business…


Windows Live Messenger free app for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch with NO iOS 4 features?!

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